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It's funny how alike people attract each other. I've noticed this pattern throughout my life and keep on noticing it when this thing happens. Today I had an appointment with someone trying to sell me his car, or shall I say someone that I tried to buy his car from. The story of buying myself another car hasn't ended yet, after selling the old AUDI, but I'm confident I will score a good deal after all.

This guy that I met today was a bit younger than me and was quite honest about what he was selling. The car didn't quite matched my criteria though, but we've spent a few minutes talking, and from one to another, at some point he mentioned he works in IT and that's when I asked him if he's involved in crypto...

The answer was: you bet I am and that's where the talk with a complete stranger that didn't had quite the car I was expecting became very interesting. He told me that he's in crypto since 2017 and he also mentioned that he actually bought all the way down from the peak. The lower the prices went, the more he bought into it. Smart guy I'd say...

He's that smart that he even created his own trading bot and that bot managed to make him $3,500 in just one day by trading for him. I haven't asked too much details about the bot, but sounded interesting. The amount that he's playing with such a bot trading is around $50,000 so it's not quite the amount I would play around with tbh.

We've also talked a bit about ETH and he felt the need to mention that at some point he bought the exact bottom of ETH during the bear market and that he already started to sell his ETH, averaging so far a $1,000 selling price per token. I asked him if he doesn't feel like selling too soon and the answer was that he doesn't see the bull market going on for much longer.

I don't know if the narrative was his, or social media borrowed, but he told me he believes the bull market will be over in about 4-5 months. Pretty much what I was thinking for a while and what some analysts are also expecting. It kind of feels like the majority of us is expecting a peak to occur somewhere at the end of the year.

At the same time I'm thinking that often times the market does the exact opposite of what the market participants believe to be happening in the future, thus I was asking what if this time will be different, what if the peak is just around the corner... or if we're gonna have a longer bull market than expected. If we take a look at history it seems that with every halving bull markets last longer.

Hence the narrative of a longer bull market could become true. I doubt anyone can predict that, but this idea sounds interesting. What's also interesting is this card that this guy was using and told me about. I have my Binance VISA card that I've been using for a while for spending crypto around and it's nice knowing that I have a small cashback percentage on my purchases... not only offers 3% cashbacks but also a stacking APY of 12% for stable coins such as USDT and USDC and it has support for EUR as well which really covers a lot of my needs regarding crypto. We have a bear market that might be right around the corner and it would be a pity not to make the most of the future profits I'm planning on cashing in.

Hence I plan on ordering myself a card and use it for stacking USDT and also for spending those stable ones around while getting my 3% cashback. That's mass adoption the way I see it. This is how I see crypto working in real life. Meeting alike people almost everywhere and out of nowhere, sharing ideas and tips and being able to use blockchain and crypto in real life.

The market might be in a bubble but the development of this industry and the mass adoption of crypto is real and it's happening at such a peace. I had quite a pleasant experience today and it came as a confirmation that we're on the right track, that I'm on the right track, we're definitely in a full swing bull market, but crypto's disruptive nature goes beyond dollar valuation.

That was about it for today, hope you're having a fantastic weekend and see you to the next one.

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