Social Distancing Started With Social Media

Social Distancing Started With Social Media

Do you remember hi5? I do, because it was my first social media network that I subscribed to and I probably still have my account there, although forgot the name of it and the password. That's where I learned to shape my online identity and to make it as fake and distant from my true one as possible. Pretty much as the ones of almost any facebook or instagram user.

I joined the fakebook database in 2009 and I did that for a chick that was already using the platform, and wow... what a great way of consuming tons of my spare hours online was that. I used it till 2017, with the ATHs being registered between 2015 and 2016. One year before BTC. I admit with no shame at all that I was addicted to it and have absolutely no regrets for quitting it.

I wasn't the only one hooked by it, and one of the many situations portraying it was many of the Sundays that I spent in Germany, with some other four colleagues in a shared house. We used to gather, especially during weekends, in the living room and... talk. We actually were all staring at our smartphone screens for hours, getting sucked into our own virtual worlds without even knowing and look at others once in a while to see if they're still there.

The spikes of dopamine generated by some likes, comments and shares for our posts were the incentives to keep on going, having no clue whatsoever that we were actually wasting precious time and selling our lives cheap. I quit facebook and instagram about three years ago and wouldn't get them back for anything in the world. I even get the blue sick when I look at that app...

I am one drop in the ocean though, as many keep on persuading in creating and reinforcing their virtual social media worlds and that's what kind of makes this lock down bearable and easier to implement. I can't state that social media was designed for a future pandemic to keep us busy inside, but it sure makes it easier. I doubt that you could have had this possible twenty years ago.

People would simply go out back then because the TV wasn't enough to tie them with fear, and I don't even think authorities would try anything like this back then. Now we have the tools at hand to spend as much time as possible inside, and some are even getting paid for that but, not me. Being alone and connected at the same time is a feeling that we are familiar with for years, and although we crave for our society before the pandemic, once we get out of it we won't simply put social media aside and live more. I bet on that.

We will be still blindly chasing Pokemon.It's not some old piece of clothing that you leave in an old closet and get with your life. It's an always renewing and design changing hot cuture that sticks around for years, and I will say it again, this pandemic would have been very different without social media, or wouldn't even exist.

Probably for some you the conspiracy theory of Alex Jones according to, we are being tested as obedient human beings through this virus pandemic to see how much we can take, might sound weird but, there is a seed of truth in there. If you're an elite trying to enslave humanity you know that you can't do that over night so you have to orchestrate it on stages, and you have to gradually enslave it, otherwise they'll fight back.

Do that with a dog and try and reduce his space into a tiny corner over night and he'll bite you next time you get clsoe being frightened, but if you gradually shorten the fence around him and you let him time to get used with his new space each time you reduce his freedom he will find out, quite late, that his freedom was stolen inch by inch and not the whole of it in one night.

Our online freedom was being stolen for years, if not decades, but our physical one wasn't threatened for many many years, and we are probably living our tests right now preparing us for future permanent limitations, or future conditions that need to be attached to our so called freedom of travel. Something like vaccines or RFID chips, to avoid a future pandemic.

We got used though with living more inside of a screen rather than inside open air, and that's probably what the direction of humanity is. For now it's just suppositions, although suppositions sometimes proved to be true, but when I look at social media from this pandemic point of view it really makes sense. It's like it was created to make this lock down easier to bare. Distancing offline but, as close as you can imagine online.

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