Smoldering Fire

Smoldering Fire

The fact that the world is going through one of its most severe crisis in the human history is not a mystery any longer. Almost every corner of this world has been part of this crisis for almost a year now, partially ignited by the pandemic, but the plague goes way deeper than a simple Wuhan escaped virus.

Humanity is somehow living in chains for a few decades to say the least, but the chains have been bearable enough I would say and we can't say that the world has felt more like a volcano ready to blow back in the 80's like it currently feels. It's probably that the technology wasn't here to connect us as it currently does and match the dots so easily pointing to a way out.

Donald Trump, the president of the US and considered one of the most influential leaders in the world to be permanently banned by the tweety social media app and another one that was supposedly been created in a college dorm room is simply unbelievable. It is unbelievable also that those two were somehow the last resorts of transparent information and freedom of speech for the man, knowing how crooked and manipulative the media is, and both still failed to serve that.


Freedom of speech, true journalism along with transparency of the information that the public should have access to, is in clear jeopardy.

There was a point when social media was indeed and alternative to that media that we all knew, but not anymore. We're currently living the times when the sieve of tools working for the people and the ones working against it is in full use. A clever and quite influential guy in this world is the officially richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

All he needs to do is to just tweet DOGE and boom, the jokecoin rallies madly while being able to pull some others along in its rally. Recently he just tweeted Use Signal and the messaging app, that I wasn't even aware of, but installed a couple of days ago, has become the most downloaded app in the apple store in a matter of hours. He has indeed tweeted and hinted at a better alternative to current messaging apps...


...but the urge for that shift was there. I've quit facebook and instagram about four years ago and don't regret for a second doing that, as I consider those two apps completely garbage. I continued to use whatsapp for about two more years after that but one year ago I completely uninstalled it as well and switched to telegram.

I have no doubt that despite whatsapp claiming the apps messages to be encrypted they were collecting data and they were planning to use their clients, billions who were attracted by the zero costs for using the app, for the future as mere products. That's exactly what they will do, as announced in the apps new terms of services last week.

I wrote about that, and why I consider WhatsApp users as mere products rather than clients of the app, same as in the case of the facebook ones, months ago and now it's becoming a reality. The fact that 25 millions of Elon Musk followers flooded to install Signal and ditch WhatsApp is not entirely Elon's merit, as the urge for a privacy oriented alternative for the communist existing apps was already smoldering, but it just needed that spark.


The funny thing is that a small medical device firm known as Signal Advance (SIGL) has benefited from the tweet as well as the shares of this company soared from $0.6 to as high as $70.85 in just three days. I guess Musk has to be more specific in his coming tweets :)

The idea is clear, that humanity is fed up with censorship, constricted free speech and access to deserved information, most of us have had enough with the manipulation the traditional media is serving us, of being treated as businesses numbers and rather products than clients. The shift is clear and I'm amazed how much of a sense bitcoin and blockchain technology make these days, beyond the price of the cryptocurrency and the limited usage of its own blockchain.

It somehow feels like it's ride or die time, we either embark and decouple from this old and crooked system entirely... the system of everything I would say, as you can't point at the society as a whole and aim at what's flawed about it and what's not, or forever delve in slavery. Lack of trust in governments, banks, media and even in each others has reached alarming levels.


I know that Bitcoin is not yet an established payment service and we yet have a clear crypto oriented solution for that, either using BTC or any other more entitled crypto for this matter, or that the alternatives of current medias and social medias are perfectly polished and ready to host the mass migration, once that occurs, but the steam train has left the station, it's not too late to catch it, but definitively a bad idea not to feed it with proper coal as it spins its wheels. I don't see any other way out of this crisis.

Banks say they will have CBDCs... So, what? They're gonna be worse than cash and it's pointless to once again mention why. Twitter is playing with the idea of decentralizing its governance... Well, why hasn't it done it by now, and why at least hasn't tried to grant freedom of speech on its platform. Revamping the old makes no sense to me at this point.

We either jump headlong in the new waters, or we shall forever live in the swamp. Time is ticking away and we definitely need new banking services and payment ones, ours not theirs, we need ways to communicate, interact and spread information, in a transparent and free from censorship way, and the current platforms are not an option any longer, and as odd as it might sound we need our freedom back.

Whether we like it or not, we can't call ourselves free individuals anymore. We need permissions and all sort of checkups for traveling for instance, tons of paperwork and waiting time for money transfers and use of our funds, we risk of being de platformed and shut down as a voice in this world by a simple click of a button and we're being fed too many lies for so much time. It simply doesn't work anymore, but there are alternatives. We're still early stages in the development of the future of finances, social medias, communication and the use of the next level internet and it would be a pity to be sitting on the sidelines.


2020 has been such a constricting year and early 2021 seems to be no different. People are protesting around the world against this tyrranid system, elections are been frauded in one of the most respectable countries in the world, hundreds of thousands of business are filing for bankruptcy and millions are unemployed. We have a wake up call and we have a crisis that's probably well needed to take us out of the sweet warm swamp we were in.

Life changing shifts have plenty of times occurred during depressions because when being cornered by the very system that is supposed to work for you, it's clear that you need a way out, you need working on alternatives, start chasing better options and fight for yourself. Bitcoin was born during a major crisis and it seems to be soaring in the middle of a second more severe one. It wasn't designed to just swing trade it and speculate on it though... It's a wake up call in itself and the light to get us out of the tunnel.

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