Raw Thoughts

Raw Thoughts

I was a vegetarian for about five years or so, from 2009 till 2014, and although I don't regret that time, I don't feel like becoming a no eating meat guy again. I simply don't have "that urge" anymore. What made me a vegetarian was mostly due to some documentaries that I watched, at that time on google video, presenting the situation of slaughterhouses and what actually the meat industry involves.

I got disgusted and said to myself that I have to do something for those poor animals, so I became a vegetarian. Almost from a day to another. I don't know if my body perceived my decision as a shock, but that's how I felt and there was no turning back. My mindset was simple, if more and more people will stop eating meat, and there won't be any demand left for such products, the industry will die. There are also some mysteries regarding health benefits of being a vegetarian, but that's a whole different talk.

I was still eating eggs and diary products, but overall I was happy with myself, and felt that I was playing a part in the world, saving animals from man made cruel suffering. I don't know if it was just autosuggestion, but I felt lighter and cleaner as well. I didn't fight though the meat industry, I haven't conducted any boycott of any kind and was not acting like a Jehovah's witness for vegetarians. If people would ask why, I would explain them, and leave the info sediment itself.

I get PETA though and I get the ones supporting this project. Animals have some sort of feelings as well, they feel pain, and they seem to love life pretty much as much as we do. Does that mean that we should all become vegetarians for all the animals to live happily till the old days kill them? Nope, I don't think so...


I do believe that, as a conscious race, and the most evolved one on this planet, we could do something about how we treat our food, which doesn't consists only of fruits and veggies. Pigs, cows, chickens and whatever else the human kind prefers filling its stomach with, should at least have a peaceful life and somehow a controlled death not involving pain and suffering, not like the way most of the animals are being slaughtered these days. We're living on this planet for thousands of years so there must be some painless killing way, for the animals that we're supposed to eat.

What I don't resonate with, and never acted as, when being a vegetarian, are the raging vegans, or should I call them the raw vegans. People that have cut off any animal related product from their diet and not only support the change in treating animals in a better way, but they fight such people and the industry around. They even fight folks they haven't ever met on forums and youtube, trying to prove that veganism is the way. There's no ideal way of live and eating, and there's no peace attained by war.

That's what vegans are doing wrong in their approach. They have cut meat from their diet, but in many cases they seem more, at least apparently, violent than Mike Tyson. Some don't even conceive in having friends eating meet anymore, and that's a flawed thinking in my opinion. We're individuals, about 7 billions or so living on this planet, and wishing for everyone to eat the same way is practically... mission impossible.

The way my thinking changed after starting to eat meat again was like this: pain and suffering are, an undesired but omnipresent, ingredient of this world's soup of feelings, and whether I or some other two millions don't eat meat, it makes not much difference. The rest will compensate. We all get to suffer, from one reason or another, beasts are eaten and eat others every day in the wild, so it's probably natural for the man to be at the end of the food chain.


It's not natural in my opinion, to test those damn cosmetic products on rabbits and monkey, to grow pigs on one square meter fenced enclosures and feed them chemicals tom make them ready for slaughter in three months or so, generating tons of diseases among us, and definitely I don't see the slaughter as natural at all. We are evolved human beings and there are solutions to be found, we just need to look for them.

I don't subscribe to raged vegans either, although projects like PETA get my respect, thus consider that both approaches are wrong. Getting vocal and against every meat eater, on any hunting youtube video, will not eradicate suffering among animals, while slaughtering them like we still do, to have pork on the table, is definitely not human either. Hence I will end the post by saying that I get you vegans, but I don't get your approach, and don't forget that Hitler was a vegetarian as well, thus quitting meat from your diet doesn't kill violence. Try meditation, maybe it works better.

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