Never Miss a "Musk Call" Again

The world of social media is a world of influencers and influenced one. Usually the ones leading with influence are either wealthy, "powerful" or have over time gained the trust of their audience in whatever they share online. I once dreamt of becoming as such, but then @nathanmars started posting on Hive... and twitter...

This post is neither about me nor Nathan, although it could be, it's about Elon Musk and his influence on the crypto markets. The wealthiest man in the world has tens of millions of followers on twitter and his tweets weigh millions.

I'd say that if he tweet sneezes he can even push the dollar up or down in minutes. He hasn't yet achieved to take DOGE to $1, but chances are many of you remember what pump has this guy caused for the meme coin. Same with Bitcoin when Tesla announced they're converting $1.5 billion worth of their balance sheet to BTC.

If you could only trade Elon's pumps... That meaning you'll have to be on time every time he shills Bitcoin and long it, or at least buy some, but who's glued to a smartphone day and night waiting for Elon's calls. No worry. There is a bot now, created by a co national of mine, Andrei Badoiu, who is a London based crypto trader that will help for the matter.

This Bot Buys BTC Every Time Elon Musk Tweets About Bitcoin. Yes you read it right. Now you don't need to watch over Musk's tweets about Bitcoin to be able to trade his calls. The bot is a bit too technical for average traders though, according to Andrei, but none the less it can place a buy order in seconds after Musk's tweet on Bitcoin.

What happens if Elon Musk will start talking bad about Bitcoin? Well, the bot will recognize that to, thanks to an AI algorithm called sentiment analysis, and won't buy any damn sat based on such a tweet. Smart robot, right. It's not for anyone to use, but if you feel like you're technical enough check the original post of Andrei Badoiu and set it up for yourself.

What this guy is doing for crypto seems to have been already a reality on Wall Street as they were trading based on sentiment analysis for quite a while. Crypto markets will at some point kick the ass of Wall Street as the economy moves to a digital ground and it's crystal clear that some of their tricks will be borrowed and perfected.

As much as I don't like automation and the gradual demise of human interaction and decision, I have to say that having an algorithm making money for me, in a moral and fair way of course, sounds quite appealing. I was also planning on writing about AIs creating content such as blog posts which will probably come at hand for some users around here at some point, but keep on delaying it.

The world is moving fast, it's becoming electric, decentralized and digital and although it seems that life becomes harder, it actually looks smoother. We just need to learn to use this wisely and not forget about true human interaction and decision making. We're still a planet inhabited and lead by humans, some quite evil and corrupt, but never the less humans.

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