Just Like a Tank

"My Ukrainian credit cards don't work anymore. I'm safe physically in Kazakhstan, but all my savings are gone."

"Crypto is the only money I still have, and today I can say without exaggeration that $BTC, $ETH, and #NFT are going to save my life while I can't come back home."

This was the message that ARTYOM FΞDOSOV shared through a tweet recently that was retweeted by our one and only @trumpman. It's a quite painful message tbh, but it has a drop of hope in it as well. It's futile to once again repeat myself by saying that I believe 2022 is the year of Bitcoin and societal awakening.

But all the recent global events we've had are pointing towards that. We are in a tight point right now, as a society and species on the evolution latter and situations like the one shared above are true pointers towards the control we gave to the government powers over us.

We we've "donated them" over time and it was all planned by these crooked leaders.

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The system was created as such that cash is no longer the norm and that a cashless society would somehow make life easier and better, but that's not entirely true because going cashless imo is giving up the right over your own money. That cash you hold in a bank account is not yours, otherwise it couldn't be frozen.

Bitcoin/cryptocurrency is turning lately to be the panacea for so much "disease" the human kind is currently facing.

Bitcoin doesn't need approval, that's something plenty of us should get it clear. I have said it many times on my blog and will say it once again, as long as we expect and call for approval from governments we're basically making a trade, giving up the most important benefits of crypto for convenience.

Luckily, Bitcoin is taking what it belongs to it "by force" same as Uber and Bnb did. None of these services asked the approval from taxi drivers and owners, hotels and governments and neither is Bitcoin which is not asking for approval to become a bank. The way people have started to use crypto, as portrayed in the introduction of the post shows the demand and need for such technology.

Bitcoin hasn't been created for ETFs and leverage trading, it has been designed for situations such as the one with the Freedom Convoy in Canada, the Ukraine war and for making life easier, more privacy oriented and ultimately sovereign. It doesn't need approval and it's not asking for it, simply moving ahead "like a tank".

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and see you to the next post.

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