Internet Pennies

Internet Pennies

When I was first told about Bitcoin and implicitly cryptocurrencies, the one explaining them to me, called them internet money. This way the dumb apprentice, which was obviously I, could understand better that I am not gonna store my Bitcoin literally in my pocket, in a safe box or a bank. In few weeks almost everything got clear, as much as I could understand about crypto, and I was on the teacher's desk side explaining crypto to people.

I was still just a holder and a true believer in the Bitcoin rise above $20,000 and that's what fueled my enthusiasm and appetite to enroll people. The January 2018 crash flooded my wallet and my dreams and the thirst for making more people join the party decreased dramatically. Not long after, I discovered Steemit and that's when the era of internet money really began for me.

I found a way in which I could earn cryptocurrencies, by doing something that I like, and these cryptos were not cheap at that time at all. I remember Steem was about $5 and SBD... I guess $7. It was somehow the moment of peace before the avalanche. Anyway, earning internet money, as I see Steem and other related tokens, felt and still feels great.

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We're now talking about 13 cents per coin and we're talking about almost two years since I am earning internet money and although I quit promoting Steem among my friends, after bragging about it for months, I still ask myself the question that they had for me a while ago... How much did you made?

My answer is still the same, mostly because although I kept on earning Steem through my blog, the price depreciated very much. It is still internet money that I like collecting and I still get a slight dopamine spike whenever I claim rewards. Besides Steemit, I am active, thanks to @trumpman, on publish0x as well and till today I have collected with my blog there about 18 BAT. You mostly get your creator and curator rewards there in Basic Attention Tokens.

It's not much, and as in here, I am still a mediocre blogger there as well. BUT it's not that much about money anymore, since we seem to enter a crypto winter again, it's again about internet money and the premise of the future that has me caught in Steem's chains, and not only... The pennies that one can earn doing all sort of things by using his smartphone, laptop and an internet connection might one day turn into dollars or tens of dollar per coin. Anything is possible in crypto.

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These days one can earn tokens by simply blogging, by walking, by vlogging, by singing, by watching adds and who knows what other ways. The means to earn some pennies that I was very excited about two years ago, are being paved more and more as we speak/write. That's what I call the crypto revolution of the internet money. To tokenize your life, your passions, your skills and more. You can't make a living out of it, right now, but maybe at the end of the year you can afford to buy yourself a pair of shoes with your earned tokens if you don't feel like staking for years...or even more if you're a lovable person online.

This internet money is something that I am more excited about than the Lightning Netwok on Bitcoin, or another damn Bitcoin futures contracts that some shitty Bakkt kind institution might launch in the future. I am having such feelings because the things/activities that I am talking about and their rewards empower the people and not only the rich ones and make the crypto dream a reality, which for some would be financial freedom... some day.

Well, how are you gonna attain financial freedom with some 13 cents Steem and 20 cents BAT? Not tomorrow of course, but the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter and brighter and it seems that some guys are working to illuminate the whole tunnel with all sort of projects. That's what internet money actually means for me and that's why I am more excited about it than other technical shit about Bitcoin or some new way of shorting and futuring Bitcoin and benefit only the rich mouths. It's the simple things that matter...

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