Insane Levels of Sanity

Insane Levels of Sanity

I read a tweet today from Kevin Svenson and he was saying that the next few months in crypto will make us all rich. Some bold statement I'd say, but if the rest of the year will replicate the one from 2017 then this guy might be up for something.

A few minutes ago I read "another bullish tweet", this time from Micahel Van De Pope(hope I got his name right) and the man was pointing, by using an altcoin chart, towards what lies ahead of us in terms of price appreciation for cryptocurrencies and it looked insane.

I immediately thought about HIVE, you know. It is by far not my biggest holding, but it's the blockchain "that pays me". Thanks to this thing I can afford to stay away from a 9-5 and an idiot of a boss, cuz most of the times bosses are idiots. What's HIVE gonna do during the mania phase of this cycle?

Honestly, I have no clue. I admit that I have no clue in regards of how high the market will jump, but I can make suppositions and throw some lucky guesses of where things will be heading. If the next three months should replicate 2017 then there are high chances HIVE could reach as much as $10.

The bigger bulls of HIVE throw price predictions around of $50 and I honestly have nothing against such a price target. Let that come true! I try to stay level headed though... or am I too pessimistic...

As much as I'm interested in the peak for HIVE and to make the most out of that peak, I also care a lot about what comes afterwards. How steep the correction will be...? That's what's going to impact my finances, probably more than that peak, and if I were to choose between an insane top followed by a type of correction similar to the 2018-2020 one and a not so insane top and a not so insane correction also, I'd definitely take the second option.

I don't know if I'm paranoiac or something about the super cycle, but I'm literally hearing people on the street talking about this thing. There are folks I know that are in crypto and one of them was mentioning about this super cycle for over a year, and once again talking about it with his girlfriend a few days ago, but I wasn't paying too much attention when he first brought the idea.

As talked in a previous post, HIVE has the pedigree for a super cycle and the correction coming after the peak depends a lot on what this blockchain is able to send out to the world. There are already signs of an era where fundamentals will matter a lot in the valuation of a coin, pointing as well towards the end of the speculative bubble crypto has been for so many years.

If crypto doesn't go pass that bubblish territory, I honestly don't see any super cycle for these assets any time soon. I know the mania phase will hit us like a train and the levels some coins will reach, Bitcoin included of course, will blow our minds, but I try to keep myself sane for those future insane times. What do you think, by the way, how insane will HIVE go this bull market?

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