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For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing something I haven't done in a while—looking for a job. Back in 2017, I hoped that through crypto investments and blockchain content creation, I could make a living without the need for a regular job.

Six years later, my savings account is almost dried up, and I'm primarily living off my Hive rewards after extensively utilizing this platform. There's no sign of reaching financial freedom through crypto. I initially turned away from traditional work due to the mental toll my experience in Norway had taken on me.

Two years as an expat, coupled with prior stints in highly stressful conditions, wrecked my mental health. When I entered the world of crypto, I thought it could be my lifeline. However, with my current earnings, I'm unsure if I can ride the parabolic wave. So, I started looking for work.

I've toiled through lousy jobs for most of my life, and now I'm contemplating something different. My nearly six years of experience with Hive has provided me with valuable knowledge in content creation, so I decided to explore content creation-related job opportunities.

In my small country, there isn't much demand for such positions, but I'm not giving up. I never considered using ChatGPT for creating articles for such a job because I hold the originality of my work in high regard. I believe that while AI can be useful, we shouldn't automate everything, as it raises questions about the essence of being human.

What's the purpose of being human if we outsource everything to machines? Some might argue that we can travel and enjoy leisure time once robots take over most tasks, but can the majority afford such a lifestyle? I'm currently not in that position. It's been two years since my last vacation. Maybe next year...

While exploring content creation-related jobs, I noticed that several descriptions explicitly rejected the use of ChatGPT, stating that they had tools to detect AI-generated articles and would terminate employees who resorted to using AI for writing. I've encountered articles and comments written by ChatGPT on Hive, and in this post, I aim to address the subjective nature of using ChatGPT as a content creator and whether it constitutes plagiarism.

First and foremost, I want to clarify that I do not endorse creating Hive content using ChatGPT. However, it's not accurate to label it as plagiarism. Generative AI like ChatGPT relies on data collected from the internet, and its database contains information uploaded only until the year 2021. ChatGPT is unaware of events like the war in Ukraine, for example. There will likely be updates enabling the AI to access real-time data in the future.

However, when tasked with creating content, such a service doesn't simply copy and paste someone else's work or ideas. Instead, it summarizes information from its database. Hence, it's not plagiarism in the strictest sense, but it's also not original work.

Many believed just a few months ago that AI would rapidly take over content creation. While some news outlets and services have embraced AI-driven content creation, others, like the companies I applied to, resist doing so. Why aren't they eagerly adopting such content creation methods?

Because it's not the real deal. It's analogous to real-life situations—sex toys aren't the real deal; therefore, intimate interactions with a human partner are preferred.

We don't need to eliminate ChatGPT; it can serve as a useful tool for various tasks where a human touch isn't necessary. At some point, social media may become inundated with bots, and many will realize that too much automation is detrimental.

Unfortunately, I haven't received any calls from the companies I applied to. I did include my Hive experience on my resume and take pride in my blogging here. If anyone knows of a job matching my description, even if it pays in crypto, please reach out to me. In the meantime, that's all from me. I wish you all a great day and see you next time.

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