From Hunt To Earn => Play To Earn. The Spear That Killed The Bear...

There have probably been times when in order to put your hand on a steak you would have had to fight a dinosaur of a sort, or something like that and no meal came easy, but these times are gone now. Now you can eat that juicy steak in a restaurant, enjoying a good wine and a pleasant company or buy it from a supermarket and cook it at home.

We've gone a long path since the "true men" of our species have put the spears down. The industrial revolution is a thing of the past now and we're kind of drowning in consumerism and digitization right now. Blockchain is somehow here to "exponentially grow" all of that.

Whoever plays Splinterlands knows that you can make decent money from playing that damn game, although I still consider blockchain games to lack the fun factor... severely. There's also Axie Infinity in this arena which is also quite famous in the blockchain gaming industry and there are a few Asians out there that are making probably 4x minimum income just by playing Axie. I guess Indonesia ranks quite high in that regard, if I'm not mistaken.

Splinterlands pays, Hive pays, Leofinance as well and sooner than later @ragnarok of @theycallmedan will do that too for its users. When taking all of this into account you start to realize these market cycles, that we believed in for so many years don't even matter that much because who's there to trade any cycle. We're just pushing forward with development and integration.

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Playtoearn is not actually a novelty. If I remember correctly I was having a neighbor, in Bucharest I guess, who was playing World of Warcraft or some similar game and was selling I don't know what powers... or something that he achieved through many hours of play for cash. Blockchain gaming is not that different, though, but it's the next level.

You can't have #playtoearn without NFTs though and although the most hype around these is ignited by those shitty jpegs sold for millions, NFTs are not a fad and will live to see the times of the metaverses.

Fun factor is still absent in blockchain gaming tbh. I mean, look at Splinterlands and other similar games, these look like they were designed by some school boys... No offense here. It's the main reason why I stayed away from such gaming. This thing will change though, that's for sure, as we're in the early stages of this industry.

Blockchain technology is the raw material for much more to be developed than just Bitcoin and its use goes beyond mere peer to peer transactions not involving a third party. Decentralized blockchains are the future mainly due to their "trust factor" which CBDCs, Ripple and other vomit projects will never achieve.

We don't know yet how the metaverse is going to be and that's why @taskmaster4450 has stopped talking about it, as almost any discussion around it is mere speculation, but this thing is deemed to happen. Avatars moving wealth from a world to another and interacting in so many virtual worlds is probably something that these #playtoearn games will lead into.

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Everything can become an NFT though. A pair of socks, a new Gucci collection or a whole piece of land in some "metaverse dreamland", or even a fortress you just conquered in a playtoearn game. The value of these NFTs though will be more relevant in cryptocurrencies than fiat currencies, that's for sure. You won't need to auction those on ebay.

WEB3 is true ownership and for whoever owns a Hive account that's no doubt anymore. WEB3 is not only a social revolution where you become the user and owner of your own data and no one can have any control over that, but also a colossal financial opportunity. Fortunes are going to be made in WEB3 and blockchain games, I guarantee that.

Making a living, in the next decade or so, will no longer require leaving the household, for many individuals around the world and it's amazing to ponder how far we've gone from the era of "hunt to earn" to "play to earn". Aren't the times we're living fun indeed?

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