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One of the biggest mistake that my parents have made and I refused to do, is to treat the present, or plan for the future according to past patterns, achievements or fears. I'm not a spiritual person, but I believe we are everyday creating a potential future for us.

There's this narrative saying that history doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes. I'm not claiming it is entirely true or false, but I believe that during times filled with progress and development is futile to look at history.

No matter whether on personal level or the level of the society as a whole, when we're living times of insane progress and development it simply makes no sense to look back and check for past patterns that shall repeat.

Nevertheless there are thousands of people on the internet, waiting for answers from all sort of influential folks "pretending to have them". Crypto space is no exception in this regard. Every day I'm seeing twitter users asking other twitter users with more followers than them, what's Bitcoin going to do next or in what altcoins should they invest.


First of all, these ones who pretend to know what Bitcoin's going to do next should be reminded that it hasn't touched $100k in 2021 as most of them have forecasted, PlanB included. The second type of individuals that ask for "the next gem" to put their money on, deserve their losses and gray hair.

Blockchain industry in in full swing when it comes to development, adoption, mass recognition and implementation and it is imo in that particular time frame where it's no longer relevant to look back for past patterns and expect them to repeat once again.

I see crypto, at this point, as a CDs company back in the early 90's. The need for it and demand is simply not worth the fear of a potential bear market and potential dumps. We are all gonna make it in the next few years and we're gonna make it big time.

There are so many in the crypto space who are missing the point big time and opportunities, focusing too much on the price, instead of the usability of this tech and how can they freaking integrate it in their lives. Instead of asking about the next gem, one should better get involved with Hive, Publish0x or UMA, or whatever.

I believe that 99% of the active crypto users will make it better than the "so called twitter investors" for the next decade or so. I've come to the conclusion that being involved in crypto pays much better than trying to time the market and swing trade it... at least in my case.

I was reading earlier today about Iran being reportedly set to finalize a scheme that would allow merchants to use digital currencies in international trades and was thinking that these peeps know what they have to do with crypto.

They have the experience with sanctions and all that crap coming form the empire of the US and they're working on better alternatives. Same as plenty of the people in the crypto industry should do. Most of em though would rather sit on their ass and ask for confirmation from Raoul Pal, Michael Sailor, Benjamin Cowen and others than get involved with crypto.

I bet no one knows at this point what the dollar valuation of Bitcoin will be at the end of the year, but when talking mass adoption and acceptance it will be on a higher scale than now. We should have indexes in that regard, you know... We should also focus on what matters instead of wasting time searching for answers from folks that don't actually have them.

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