Earth's Calling

Earth's Calling

I can remember quite vividly the summer days spent during vacations at my grandma and how she, with a bit of help from my parents, was working on her land, quite some many years ago, and I have to admit that I was never a fan of agriculture or gardening. A matter of fact I wasn't attracted at all in working any type of soil... till a few days ago. I guess I can call that the earth's calling, and it's not a call for help for our beloved planet, but more like a call to help myself.

I was thinking for quite a few months that I should try and finally become an entrepreneur of any sort and still searching for that idea... Yes, I tried with blogging, and crypto investing, and it's not like I'm gonna lay off with it, but honestly I can't say I made a living out of that. It's more like a prolonged hope, similar with those footage of bunnies chasing carrots, for the 2017-2018 bull run to repeat itself, and the carrot seems to always get away, not matter how close it looks like being... If that type of event would repeat once every two years or so I could make a living by buying cheap and selling high and collecting the internet pennies I earn with blogging.

It's not the case though and what I want to share with you today is that I am thinking more and more in working my grandma's land, that's waiting for ideas and rain. I have even discussed with my father today about this, and he doesn't seem too excited. Well, he's not excite at all for the moment, but he says it's not a bad idea. Still he doesn't feel like coming back to Romania and working a piece of land and I kinda get him.

My idea is not bad, according to my objective judgement, but the tricky part is that I really have no clue what should I plant there. I wouldn't plant wheat or corn for sure or any of the sort, because I find these too basic and dull for such an entrepreneur like myself... I want to find something that's quite rare, and pretty expensive on the market, something that I would have to work for some three months per year, and earn a living for the rest nine or so months, getting to do more of what I like, and why not even travel more... Am I aiming too high?

Some rare spices lets say... or I don't know what, but I feel this calling, and I feel more and more like getting out of this society's tight patterns. The modern hell as sometimes I like to call it. I can't say that I traveled the world and seen them all, but I really feel that with all this 5G shit, digital currencies and identities, vaccines and so on, that I don't like modern living anymore. I feel like becoming some sort of an outcast planting spices and buying Bitcoin to get away from the banking system.

However, if someone would have told me three years ago that I would get so much against the current system, government, and fake society vibe, and trying that desperate to escape it, I would have called him a fool. Now everything has changed, and coroanvirus has its impact on my mood for sure, but I am more and more inclined towards an off grid life, and I definitely don't miss a regular job.

It's probably the first time when I feel like I want to work for my own and to be my own boss, employee, accountant, strategist and so on. I haven't had this feeling ever since I was 15 and I was selling fish that I would catch almost every day during summer. That's what I called financial freedom. Tax free cash earned by doing what I loved. Ever since, although I have had times when I made much more money, I never felt like being free.

It's like every paycheck always came with a list of spending, was never enough and never loved what I was doing, but now I feel like if I would finally get to make something of my own it would change me a lot. It would make me more responsible, more productive, life loving and definitely enjoying more freedom. It's either that, or I'm becoming a weird anarchist that simply can't see any future any longer for the current society and its realness. It's like we're too much of a product and too little of a human being nowadays and it hurts.

I feel less valuable than a spare tire to be honest and I'm probably not the only one getting that status. Getting on my own and not depending on any company, or employer, would definitely make me wake up at 6 or 7 AM everyday without wanting to snooze any minute longer. Yep, something needs to change, and it's time for research and find what that calling is about. Planting weed would probably make me some good money but, I have no knowledge for that and don't want getting to jail either...

There is the chance also that the next Bitcoin halving will blow everything away and take my eyes off the ground towards the digital gold, and change my view 180° like I did many times before, but I still feel like no longer belonging to the normal sets of the current society. But if you were to work a piece of land and make a small business out of it what would you plant?

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