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Not too long ago, I guess about a week or so, ECB’s Christine Lagarde Says ‘Speculative’ Bitcoin Needs Global Regulation, the Bitcoin criminal activities relation has also been touted and all these regulators see at Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg and the less relevant side of it. The criminal activities related aspect of Bitcoin is actually not even the tip of the ice berg, but way more insignificant.

Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary has been talking bad about Bitcoin lately as well, having the urge to mention all over the media about its use case as a money laundering currency and risk that such a currency involves.

Well ladies, as I wrote many times on this blog, banks launder more money in one year than Bitcoin has managed to do in its life time and if you were really interested about how money are being transferred and used for criminal activities check Jeffrey Epstein case as well. I guess it should have been clear by now what was Bitcoin created for and where it's heading. Not too many headlines and remarks from these regulators when it comes to banks laundering money though.

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You should all know that Banks (Not Bitcoin) in Australia Laundered $387,000,000 for Latin American Drug Cartels. That's almost half a billion dollars. Money being actually laundered by the so called financial institutions that are supposedly regulated by these mean regulators calling Bitcoin the currency of the criminals.

The Australian Financial Review says that the money-laundering web spanned several continents including South America where the hard drugs were obtained, North America where the drugs were sold, and south-east Asia where the proceeds from drug sales were received in bank accounts.
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The money laundering process has been intermediated by Aussie banks and not Bitcoin, for these cocaine cartels. Yes, Bitcoin has been involved, along with XMR and some other privacy oriented cryptocurrencies, in money laundering and criminal activities as well, but not at an alarming level I'd say. Bitcoin is no longer the dark web currency for many years now.


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Grayscale, PayPal, MicroStrategy and many other trusted investing funds wouldn't buy it if it would have been the currency of criminals. It can't be regulated and it's a bullshit to even consider that. Yes, exchanges and funds can be regulated but not Bitcoin. Regulators don't have the eyes for banks when searching for criminal activities currencies to bash and instead they rather grab Bitcoin on the neck for almost everything that's bad in the world.

What Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary who from what I remember was claiming a few days ago that we shouldn't even think of a financial crisis should know, is that the US is seeing "Greatest Rise In Inequality Ever"Janet, you didn't know that? Of course, banks that actually pay you and write on your prompter what to say, having trashing Bitcoin on the menu lately, as they're feeling threatened by it are not inclined to discuss such topics.

They should. Bitcoin is not only a hedge against inflation but also probably the first currency, store of value, or however you want to call it, that is not under any governmental or central banks control. They are trying to get into that control but they're clearly failing.

The Last 6 Months Saw Sharpest Rise In US Poverty In Half-Century according to and that's something you don't see on the news too often. Now, all we get is covid, new strains and other crap these mad elites are promoting in the media. It's sad what's happening though... like really sad...

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"A new poverty estimate seeking to analyze the nationwide impact of government relief measures which expired just at the end of last month has found that the latter half of 2020 marked the sharpest rise in the US poverty rate since the 1960s. The study released Monday and presented in Bloomberg finds that the poverty rate increased by 2.4% during the second half of 2020, following last spring and early summer COVID-19 rolling lockdowns in various parts of the country."

Meanwhile the US government is throwing lousy stimulus checks to its citizens and injecting trillions into wall street and other countries such Ukraine for example just to abide their plans, widening the gap between the two classes of the extreme, the rich and the poor, while actually not giving a fuck about the working class.

That doesn't happen just in the US as many countries are and will be severely affected by lockdowns. Nobody talks on TV about the financial consequences of these lockdowns, about the inflation generated by the money printing and the suffering this crisis has caused to hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. It's a diversion. They take people's attention from the true plague towards an imaginary one.

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Same as with these people bashing Bitcoin around while the banking system has been proved to be flawed and often times the exact tool used by criminals to launder money. We've stopped asking questions lately and that's why we've ended where we are. When nations, and not just a few thousands will rise and start asking questions to their governments, the EU, WHO and other so called entities that should be working for us and not against us, this shit should be over.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is a panacea, not a disease, and many of these wolves in sheep's clothing know that, but they're paid to say the opposite and fight against anything would give us freedom. It doesn't matter who's the president, prime minister, or whatever, they're not deciding anything or working for us. Just mere puppets playing the show of the elites from behind the curtains. Very few understand this unfortunately and that's probably why we're so ignorant.

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