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They said NFTs were just a fad and quite a few in the crypto space were claiming non fungible tokens will eventually fade away such as ICOs had, after the 2017 boom. They might have been wrong about that. NFTs seem to be overcoming that stigma and find real life use case.

Like Stoner Cats, which is "An NFT adult animated short series" featuring Ashton Kutcher's voice, Mila Kunis and Vitalik Buterin. Yes, Vitalik not only explained what Ethereum is to tons of viewers on twitter, from the kitchen of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, but he's also "the voice" of one of the cats in the series.

Content creation and content consuming is stepping up the game and putting on the table a new type of ownership, something beyond copyrights and trade marks.

What makes Stoner Cats stand against any other cartoon type of content?

First of all, you need to purchase NFTs from OpenSea in order to have access to the content and your control over that content goes beyond that basic access. "Purchasing the NFTs you dictate what you watch", according to Mila Kunis and that's really something.

I guess, excluding video chat, onlyfans and whatever, it is the first type of content that you can have access to and you can also dictate the direction the content is taking, something that makes me think of this metaverse theory @taskmaster4450 is talking about so often lately. That's something, you know.

Usually the type of content we are consuming, whether youtube videos or movies are directed and thought right from the most basic idea that got to become a video type of product, to the final one, by some entity/entities that is somehow guessing what we're gonna like, or in some instances actually dictating what we're gonna like.

Stoner Cats takes video content to another level and it's at least pointing towards the new type of ownership that arises. It's amazing how many of us, out in the real world don't even realize where technology is pushing humanity, how digital ownership will radically change the sense ownership as we know it and the control one can have over some "digital goods".

No wonder CBDCs are in works and governments are looking to have access to as many data regarding wallets and personal info through exchanges as they can. Crypto is an idea who's time has come and it's going to revolutionize humanity in so many ways. My take is that in ten years from now, over 20% of the world's population will generate their income through some online activity.

I will once again have to tag @taskmaster4450 as he was saying in a post a couple of days ago that we will come to a point where there won't be any external world outside the internet. I guess that's what you call "the metaverse".

Stoner Cats success won't rely upon views and likes, as we are currently accustomed with the type of content we consume on a daily basis. The success of this series will depend mostly on the NFTs that are bought. The more NFTs are bought, the more successful the series becomes, the more successful the series becomes, the more successful the NFTs become...

That coming from Mila Kunis as well :D.

Ownership within content is the main takeaway of this NFTs cartoon series. A type of ownership that goes beyond what we've had in our tiny world so far. It will be like being a part of the movie and the content that will be produced being more individual than general.

Interesting times ahead and it seems that NFTs are here to stay. Did you know that the cryptocurrency population has more than doubled in only four months?. "According to a new report by, global crypto users have increased from 106 million in February to 203 million in May."

Try and catch that, Petter Schiff.

The bull market is far from over and my take is that the bear market that will follow will be way warmer than the previous one. You can't have that many dumping when there's so much happening in crypto. What did we actually have back in 2017 and where we've got now, that's what many of us should ponder upon these days...

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