Crypto: The "End Game"

Back in the early 2000s, if you were into computers, you knew that Intel and AMD were world leaders in computer processors and NVIDIA was supplying video cards for almost every new PC that hit the market. We literally have tiny, highly capable computers in the palms of our hands all day, every day.

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and we haven't yet seen the real impact of artificial intelligence. NVIDIA is no longer just a video card mass producer as it was back in the early 2000s. It has become a behemoth and it's doing all that without steroids, thus far...

Recently, NVIDIA reached a total market capitalization of $2.5 trillion, which is more than the entire German stock market combined. NVIDIA is valued at pretty much the same amount as Meta, Tesla, Netflix, AMD, Intel, and IBM combined. That's how big NVIDIA is, and we have just started scratching the surface with AI.

I guess some managed to foresee the surge in its stock price, but not many, although it was all in plain sight. AI is here and it's here to stay, and the same goes for crypto. One of the biggest bulls of Bitcoin, Michael Saylor, started to acknowledge the importance of crypto aside from Bitcoin the other day.

This guy was yelling like a madman just a few years back that there is no second best, and now he says that for mass adoption, having an Ethereum ETF is of good augury. Bitcoin for a while was in the position of having no second best, but those days are gone.

Whoever has enough discernment can realize that life isn't just about stacking sats and collecting bitcoins that will never "see the light of day" ever again, at least not in my opinion. I consider that having some sorts of savings is good, but life is about investing, generating income, and spending, same as it is about everything else.

Bitcoin does not serve as an exchange currency. It was designed for this purpose, but we don't see much adoption in this regard. However, it managed to inspire devs into creating certain coins that are doing that. Then we have blockchains that are doing way better in transferring wealth at higher speed and lower costs.

We have social blockchains such as Hive, crypto casino coins, and all these meme coins that are pumping like crazy here and now. Life is not just about wearing one color and crypto is not all about one blockchain. The totality is a sum of events and variables... Few realize that.

Hence, I don't see anything wrong with speculating on Bitcoin/crypto, saving some, spending some, investing in some, trading some, and anything in between. At some point, it will be irrelevant to sell crypto for cash, but we aren't there yet. So what's wrong with holding crypto, but also spending a small percentage of it?

We are part of the technological revolution whether we like it or not, and no matter how you look at crypto, you can't go wrong with it, unless you leverage trade excessively...

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