Black Friday

Black Friday

China took Bitcoin from $7,500 to $9,000 in a matter of minutes, one could say, and China is putting it back to the ground again. How? It raised it to the sky by the country's presidential statement according to which they plan to become a world leader in blockchain technology and from above the clouds they dropped Bitcoin in a free fall by claiming that they actually are into blockchain and not crypto. They're in for the tech how we used to say years ago.

Recently though The Central Bank of Shanghai announced that it will crack down on crypto exchanges along with the city of Shenzhen which is also into a cleaning process of such businesses who have become dangerous and risky for the general public, thus the authorities initiated the cleaning process for their beloved citizens "declaring war" to whoever dares to give access for cryptocurrencies to the Chinese people.

What has Bitcoin done since then? Getting close to $6,000. Moreover there is the rumor that Bitcoin miners are also capitulating, a few months prior to the next halving, which supposedly would boost the price of the "digital gold". It hasn't yet. Probably after the halving. Who's still in business then? Giant mining pools, Chinese oligarchs that are not tied to China and the Chinese Government as well...probably, which will instead offer its people the digital Yuan, not Bitcoin. The Orwellian digital currency that was missing from China. They have by the way all the cameras in the world.

Why do I care about Bitcoin that much and feel frustrated? Because it dragged the whole market down including my investment...ETH. I really can't describe how disappointed I am right now for not selling at least 30% of my portfolio when it got to $300, knowing that I bought at the $150-$180 price range. I hate myself for simply witnessing these crypto waves waiting for a proper bull run and simply not doing anything. Now what can I do than just wait and hope for the history to repeat and sell the shitcoin. Next time I'm not letting greed anymore to mess with my portfolio.

How about you, what do you think about the current situation with the crypto market and what do you feel like doing now? Holding, selling, buying more, or just sitting on the lines. I'm not selling despite my anger and sucks.

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