Are You Buying, HODLing or Selling?

The crypto market has had quite a dip today based mostly on FUD as usual and before you know it we already have an overall bearish sentiment across the board and some are even calling for a bear market. I don't fall into that category because I honestly believe we are left with another few months of uptrend before the blow off phase.

10 billion dollars have been recorded in long leverage trading liquidations today and some are definitely frustrated out there. Aside from that I'm 100% sure plenty of the market's participants have seen their stop limits eaten in this wild move and are now parked on USDT.

I don't like setting this kind of limits because I always had them triggered and got sold for less than I could have personally done. Leverage trading is also something I don't appreciate because it feels like playing in a casino full of cameras where the casino knows everyone's cards thus the house always winning.

My amateur personal opinion is that due to leverage trading we see such chaotic price swings like the one of today. Some have seen it as a buying opportunity and have probably added to their positions with that many coins on discounts right now, others have probably panic sold fearful of further downside while some of us have simply HODLed.

I am not a long term HODLer and also believe that one would do better if buying during bear markets and selling during bull ones and haven't been shaken out with this dip, crash or whatever you like to call it. My expectations are a bit higher than what the market has so far offered. I might be wrong and that's a risk I'm taking, but I haven't waited for almost four years to just 3X my investment.

My expectations for my portfolio is to at least match DOGE's recent price performance. That's what I expect from a bull market and that's what I've been hodling for so long. We're all individuals with different needs and expectations and thus we react to such market swings in different manners. What about you, what are you doing right now, buying, hodling or selling?

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