American Journalists Kicked Out Of Chinese Territory Thanks To Trump

American Journalists Kicked Out Of Chinese Territory Thanks To Trump


China is not a country to be messed with and Trump should have known that, but he didn't, and he tweeted with his ass today about Corona virus calling it the Chinese virus. In response Beijing is expelling NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Voice of America and Time journalists out of China's mainland, Hong Kong and Macao...

...and if you ask me I would do the same. I never considered Trump a highly intelligent person, and neither as diplomatic as Obama, was and his euphoric and sentimental reactions are proofs to my words. Today he kind of screwed it with his tweet regarding the Corona virus situation in the US, and Chinese didn't passed that with a smile.


It's true that these outlets carry no guilt to be expelled from China, but I guess that's the karma of being a citizen of a country run by a puppet like Trump. There isn't any official news yet regarding the situation or any official statement from the Chinese government in regards of their decision towards the above mentioned American news outlets, other than the screenshot tweet from David Paulk 波大卫 @davidpaulk, who is Head of News @SixthTone | Fresh voices from today’s #China, according to his tweeter profile.

The question that arises now is how will US react towards Chinese media outlets/journalists in their country and what type of a war will this be at the end. Hope Corona will not lead us to an actual one thanks to stupidity and ignorance. Will come with a follow up post once I get more details on the topic.

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