All You Have To Do To Make It in Crypto

I just read an article a few minutes ago about gamers and blockchain technology and according to the report, 60% of the interviewed have confessed they're using blockchain technology. Well, I don't know what games are all of them playing, but some around here are making a living with Splinterlands.

Same goes for Axie Infinity, which is a wealth generator as well, mostly for Indonesian people. Crypto is present in the daily lives of so many of us around the world and it definitely has a future in the world, penetrating almost anything we can think of.

I am a bit over four years since I got into crypto and it's an integrating part of my life. I literally use crypto on a daily basis. Bought bread and orange juice with BTC today, while using my Binance Visa card. Could I say I made it in crypto, though?

Definitely not.

The ones that have made it are the ones sitting on millions right now, having a decent stack of BTC and quite a considerable portfolio of alts. I'm not in that position and it's only one to be blamed in that regard: me.

It's actually not something to blame, but we all want big numbers, it feeds our brain dopamine, our blood adrenaline and our happiness a bit of serotonin. Otherwise why wouldย @onealfaย stack and power up that much second layer tokens, cough POB, at such a pace.

It's like going to the gym, you never have enough... So, getting back to the topic, making it in crypto, and why I haven't made it, the short answer is quite simple: I haven't learned DYOR and HODL. All you need to make it in crypto, aside from being lucky and buying exploding shitty coins, is to research projects, enter early and HODL.

Often times we enter certain projects early, but we don't have the patience to wait and HODL. That's what I missed pretty much my entire life, I'm kind of an impatient dude, you know. Let me give you two relevant examples of chasing butterflies instead of putting money on serious projects and wait for the fruits to ripen.

At one point I had 250,000 DOGE that I owned on a wallet, I don't remember what token I sold for them, but it was a sum I didn't need for anything, it could have just stayed there and make me a ton of money last year, but instead I chased butterflies, running all over the place and moving from one crypto to another.

The next episode is related to Elrond(EGLD), a project of a team of Romanians that I knew about for quite a while, but haven't bothered to dig more into it and put some money into it. EGLD was valued at $10 at the end of 2020 and it reached an ATH of $340 just recently. An "easy 34x" one would say.

I missed it though and it's not the only one, I've missed the Hive punks as well. You don't have to do much to make it in crypto, just choose vise and wait. It's that simple. Now, I'm writing this post mostly to educate myself, but if anyone new to crypto is reading it, think for a second about the core of it. It's definitely worth it.

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