A World Within This World

A World Within This World

Carlos Matos was right... "The world is no longer as it used to be, the world has changed".

Now, I don't know how much the world has changed or how much my perspective over the world is reshaped constantly over the past four years or so though. Before crypto I was quite limited in thinking when it came to finance and where the world could go, from a technological point of view.

I was into smartphones, testing apps and always updated to what's new in the smartphone industry, but this industry will soon become obsolete. Well, not actually obsolete, but at this point we kind of have it all for a small gadget that's to be carried around in our pockets.

Blockchain technology is the real deal now and it's not only reshaping the world and our brains perceiving this world, but creating other worlds within it. Metaverse is a pretty new concept for me, that was brought to my attention by @taskmaster4450, but I'm starting to dig in more and more into it and I like what I read.


Paid to Play in the Metaverse is one crypto related article that I read today and I was fascinated about it. I'm more excited about this type of content than this German law allowing institutions to hold crypto comes into effect Aug. 2. Welcome to the real world, dinosaurs!

By the time these ones wake up to what "shady coders" are building we're gonna be eating metaverse for lunch. So, what do I like about this metaverse concept that's becoming a reality?

Well, first of all it's not an exclusive online world. It is a game, but it's more than a game. It's like expanding your so called "real life" to a tangential one that includes virtual reality, augmented reality and blockchain. It's like exploring the universe basically from your couch chair, your own created universe.

In the metaverse you can be a gamer, create businesses, worlds or be a damn guide offering tours and getting real money for that. Isn't that nice? You bet it is...

I haven't played any game in years. A matter of fact I don't even like games too much, but this #playtoearn concept is a hell of a real deal. I see a lot of posts of @belemo "bragging about Splinterlands" and his achievements. I love such testimonies of people doing what they love online and making a living out of that. That's what I call true examples of financial freedom made possible by blockchain technology.


In the hands of the governments, this marvelous piece of engineering would further enslave us, but in the hands of "shady coders" it connects us with the infinite. Opportunities are basically infinite in the Metaverse and there's room for everyone, no matter the gender, location on the planet, native language or political orientation(if any).

Also noted by @taskmaster4450 is the "internet duality concept" which points towards our relationship with internet as an external resource. Not in the distant future there won't be any duality or external relationship between us and the internet. It will all be nothing but a giant internet soup. One that will be available for all, offering endless possibilities for anything one could imagine.

If someone would have told me four years ago that in 2021 a pixelated cartoon, called NFT, would be sold for $4.5 million I would call him nuts. But NFTs are not just pixelated cartoons, the concept goes far beyond that and it opens up the world to true ownership, something that we've being stolen of for quite some years. Think of how much privacy we're being deprived of by the internet companies and all sort of social medias.

I am not a gamer, I can merely call myself a blogger, but I can't overlook how's gaming going to impact the world we're currently living in and what immense opportunities lie ahead of us. I've dedicated a whole post to the topic of degrees and diplomas and how those will become useless in the near future and I stand by it. Metaverse is going to radically change the world we live in by simply expanding it beyond the palpable.

Great times to be alive...

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