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"4% Of Americans Say They Have Quit Their Jobs Thanks To Their Crypto Gains". What About You?

According to a survey by Mark Cuban, it seems that 4% of Americans have turned towards a "crypto life" and ditched their regular jobs, this year. Some have probably used their stimulus checks to invest in crypto, others have probably put their savings into "the risky assets", while others have probably been investing in crypto for years...

... and managed this particular year to exit the rat race thanks to crypto. Are all these 4% actually millionaires? I bet they're not, but at least we have a sort of "thin proof of crypto" extracting humanity out of the labor slavery. Don't get me wrong, some probably really love their jobs, but for the majority it's just a way of earning a living.

Now, we're in a bull market and the prices have gone up for more than a year, some have had insane exponential growth such as EGLD, SOL, SHIB and others, that translating to massive ROIs for even a few grands thrown into crypto, as an investment capital, before the plandemic started.

The market could bubble even more from this point and if it is to repeat the 2017 cycle, then the real fun hasn't even started yet, but are these 4% positioned to be living off of that crypto money while still HODLing some at the same time, until we enter the mania phase so they can cash out big time? Hard to tell, it depends a lot on one's relationship with money.

I am highly flexible in that regard. Give me tons of money and I have so much ways of spending it, but if life asks for a frugal life style, I can do that too... Probably some of the ones that have quit their jobs in America lately, living off of crypto, will at some point have to go back to work, but meanwhile they can enjoy some time away from corporate life, or whatever.

Can you do the same?

For the moment I can say that I am actually doing that. It's a bit over a year since 99% of my income comes from crypto, cough Hive, and I'm more than happy about that. If I were to choose, I guess I couldn't choose for a better way of earning my income than this one. It's not a wealthy lifestyle that I'm living, not at all, but it allows me to stay away from a regular job and the absurdities that are mandated all around the world to employees, so "they can keep their jobs".

If I had a super power I would make possible for everybody in the world to live off of crypto and let the establishment do all the shitty work. Nothing's guaranteed in crypto though and if we will have to go through a bear market similar to the one from 2018-2020, then crypto gains might not be enough to cover life's expenses, as life is also getting more expensive all over the world, due to inflation.

The cryptoverse is no longer just about trading/investing internet money. As most of you know by now, we have way more tools at hand to make a crypto living than we had four years ago. The metrics are whole different and probably bull and bear markets have totally changed as well. I am happy to see the average Joes leaving their shitty jobs behind and spending "SHIB money". Good for them!

I guess these shitcoins have a noble purpose after all. On a serious note though, we don't know if all the people who took Cuban's survey have made their crypto gains on SHIB or DOGE, but the good part is that they found an alternative to the legacy system, which is becoming more and more constrictive and poisonous. So, that was about it for today, wish you all a great Saturday and an awesome weekend ahead.

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