200 Million Americans Can't Cover A $1000 Unexpected Expense and They Say America's a Super Power. To What Hands Has That Power Been Transferred To?

200 Million Americans Can't Cover A $1000 Unexpected Expense and They Say America's a Super Power. To What Hands Has That Power Been Transferred To?

Although corona pandemic seems to be affecting us all, it seems that some are suffering more than others, and while the economies are slowly crashing all over the world, at least in the US seems that stock prices are rising, widening the gap between the rich and the poor more than you can imagine.

According to an article of zerohedge "655 People Have $4 Trillion In Wealth, in the US, But 200 Million Can't Cover A $1000 Expense". That happening in America right now, one of the greatest countries on earth. At least that's how most of us saw it for many years and probably quite many Americans are still seeing it this way.

When you read that only 39% of the Americans can afford a $1,000 unexpected expense you start thinking how great America still is, and how long will it take for the rest of the world to fall into a depression that seems to be quite similar with the one of the 1930's. I bet that there are many other countries where the percentage of people not affording to pay an unexpected $1,000 expense is way higher.

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My country Romania being the first example that comes to my mind. I read that we're doing great in working from home though and I'm not really happy about that. Forcing people to live indoors is not healthy at all no matter what anyone would say and I'd rather face this damn corona virus rather than spend so much time inside. We're social beings and we need socializing and fresh air probably more than anything.

Interaction and movement are key factors for a healthy life style, both physical and financial. A neighbor was telling me today that Germany has closed its borders for one month and nobody can enter or leave the country and it really feels like this world is becoming more and more of a prison than a place to love living in. We can definitely blame corona for this crisis, but there are some other unasked and unanswered questions in here.

Like for example: if after one year of all the lockdowns, the masks worn, the social distancing and all the other measures that have been enforced haven't solved this pandemic, shouldn't we try herd immunity now? No, because nobody is making any money or gaining any power over people if letting them free and unvaccinated. Caught that?

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I don't say that this virus doesn't exist, I personally know people that had it and probably I had it as well without even knowing, but they're OK and it's a flu after all. I mean, does it make any sense to shut down economies and use police and military force against citizens of the world over a damn flu? Well, some will say that it's deadlier than the regular one.

Based on what metrics? The tests that have turned out positive with Coca Cola, kiwi and pawpaw samples... Come on people, can't you see it's all planned... It was about more enslavement, enriching the rich and transferring the wealth by any means possible from the poor to the rich right from the beginning. How do you explain then the gap widening so much between the poor and the rich if this wasn't the case? Every financial crisis that this world has ever witnessed has been planned and after every one the ones planning it have become richer while the ones actually paying the price for it being the plebs. It's just history repeating itself.

Why aren't being the poor blessed with all that money instead of injecting them into the markets and foreign countries? America, wake up! People of the world wake up! This is bullshit. It's programmed and they've been doing this so successfully through the damn media, which is not called for nothing the fourth power in state. Why do you think it's called like that? Because it has power over people.

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Doesn't television programming ring any bell for you guys? They're programming people through tele vision. SIMPLE. All you hear on the news is daily cases have rose, people are dying from corona, but at the same time corona aid dedicated hospitals are closed and people exposing this are threatened and publicly executed. I personally don't know any case of anyone that has died of corona.

Corona is putting economies to the ground though, and it was planned, is raising unemployment all over the world, is transferring wealth from the poor to the rich, widens the gap between the two classes at unimaginable levels, made us slaves under our own governments and corrupt leaders and it's clearly dragging the world towards a depression. For how long are we gonna accept this? At some point it's gonna be late you know...

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