When it feels good

 I'll give you an example, when you are fulfilled, when you feel good, when you feel a peace ,when you feel good inside and you are standing in a line at a movie to get the tickets and somebody wants to cut in-front of you and you're feeling good and the person says may I ? You say,it's okay, feeling good. You're driving, you come to a place ,you want to park your car but somebody else comes along and says ,please  can i?, okay. You come home, the wife say ,I want to buy a dress ,no problem why 1?2. You feeling good, you come home, the Son says, daddy I failed .Fail, pass, this happens in life ,next time try harder you will be OK . But ,when you are not feeling good inside, that's it! it's over. Does the wife get the dress ? never. She asked for dress, you could say no but no no no no she's going to get more than no, why do you want dress you have so many dress, why do you want another one, what are you going to do with it ,we don't go anywhere we have to stay at home why do you need this. The Son comes up to you, I failed .I knew you are not good for anything , you will never become anything. Parking??? lol.

People have gotten out and pulled guns at people, so, all the police making sure the society runs well, the government's hoping Society runs well and it seems to be such a simple thing that when human beings are content everything runs well. But when a person is not contempt nothing runs well regardless of all the police in the world and regardless of all the regulations and rules in the world nothing runs well because the human being is not running well .So don't you think, it is now time to focus on each individual. To look at the reality of each human being ,to look at the reality of the possibility of how true joy can be brought to people .And the good news is that that true joy is already inside every single human being. When the perfume of gratitude begins to dance there is no more, more heavenly smell than that and the gratitude comes when there is a beautiful experience of this life. When it is not full of words ,when it's not full of doctrines and dogmas but it is filled with a simple reality .When two people love each other they can have as many pictures of each other as you can imagine .They can have letters from each other as many as you can imagine but nothing will compare to being there with each other alive, that's love. That's how it is and that's how it is for you, that you can try to convince your mind million ways ,you can try to convince your intellect a million ways but unless your heart has felt that peace and unless your heart has felt that serenity and unless your heart has felt that joy nothing else will make a difference.


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