Don't be late to understand it....

                           What in this life will be with you the most ,this "breath", here it comes, here it goes to come again . And for me, I have been given a mind and I think and I think  of this and I think of that and I think of tomorrow and I think of day after tomorrow and my heart says here ,here ,now ,be ,exist, be with this breath and my mind says no come here, let's discuss what's going to happen day after tomorrow. Let's discuss ,what's going to happen in a month from now ,let's be good people, let's - "plan" . And my heart says, come here and has been calling me  and calling me and all I have done all my life has become really really good at coming up with the excuses of why I shouldn't be here and be everywhere else . And yet, do I know that in all my calendars of Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays and holidays there is one day reserved for me ,one day, when I am going to be no more. That day ,you won't find in my calendar and when I am no more that day ,I will understand the value of my existence like I have never understood it before. That day I will know the value of my breath as I struggle to take the next one and there is no confusion that day ,no duality that day as the one comes and goes out .This is the sequence of it, one comes and then goes out and comes no more, no more. Unfortunately, that day, I will know how precious they are as they have come in to me again and again and again .Why is it that we understand the preciousness of something when we miss it?  We may have a child living with us and now yeah you are  there okay okay fine, no problem da da da and then all of a sudden the child goes away 2,000 miles to a university and it's like ahh ! I miss my child. Why is it that we have to miss something to understand its preciousness .Because if that is the case in our lives ,this is wrong . To only understand the preciousness of the day when we will have them no more is not the right way to be living .To understand the preciousness of this breath when we have it no more is not the right way to be existing.


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