The natural homes of village

# Bangladesh is a small country traditional of Bangladesh.There are some traditional companies in Bangladesh that are very beautiful and hold the traditions of the country and the houses of this country play a more important role in upholding this tradition.
These traditional houses can be seen in the highlands of Bangladesh, the high hills are very beautiful they work very hard to build these houses and to build these houses.
They build these houses by working hard to preserve their past, and by creating these houses they reveal themselves to them.
So everyone came to these places and proved myself, so I went with my friends so that I was on the bus from Sirajgonj for two houjpg
It feels so good to go to this place I didn't understand to say that my friends were so happy that I see more and more people all having fun.
Really makes the mind beautiful this place will come to this place its mind will be good i want you all to come here do not enjoy the traditional beauty of the house.
So I hope you all come here and enjoy the beauty.

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