The Diary Game : - 23.8.2020 Season -2.(Normal Day )

The Diary Game : - 23.8.2020 Season -2.(Normal Day )

The Diary Game : - 23.8.2020 Season -2.(Normal Day )

Hello friends how are you all?Hope you all well i am also well by the grace of almighty ALLAH.

I just going to share my activity of the day with #thediarygame

"My diary of 23-8-2020"</center>


I woke up in the morning like every day and went to the wash room in the morning to brush my teeth and freshened up from the washroom and went back to the room.

Then I got ready to go to the office as usual and when I was ready I went to the canteen for breakfast.

After breakfast I left the office again. When I reached the office, I entered the office room and started working in the office. After working for a long time, I got a short break for driking tea.

"Tea break"</center>
Then I came to the canteen to have tea. I came to the canteen and ordered tea. After ordering and drinking tea, after having tea there, I left again to go to the office and go to the office and work again.

While working in the office, when it was lunch time, I left the office for lunch. I came to the canteen and finished lunch in the canteen like every day.

I came to the room and rested for a while and when the rest was over I left for the office again, I went to the office and started working again all the time and when I was working it was 4:50 which means I have to left the office to going to the room.

Then I came to the room and freshened up. I sat in the room for a while and then I drank some tea and went out for a while. When I went out of the room, I saw that the condition of the sky was very beautiful.

" sky"</center>
Then from there I was walking towards my friend's room. Suddenly I saw an Akram walking on the interlock. I don't know what they say in other countries but we call them Akram. These insects are very poisonous especially found in Arab countries.
"Akram insect"</center>
It hurts a lot when they bite. Once a small Akram bit me, they harm people so I didn't give this Akram a chance to survive.

I killed him and I took a photo in a suspended place and went to my friend's room.

When I enter her room, I see a cat sitting in front of her room, I have shared a photo of the cat with you before, although there is no black cat today, there is only one today.

"Cute cat"</center>

"Cute cat"</center>



Then I went to my friend's room, went to the room, chatted with him for a while, gossiped, then went back to my room again, came to the room and played music on the computer.


Then a few days ago I downloaded some new Bangla dramas which were released this Eid.

I put them on the computer and watched them for a while. This time Bengali actor Mehjabin's some nice drama released out. "Wife" is another one "surprise love" . I saw these two today.

Then after watching the drama, when it is time for dinner, I go to the canteen to have dinner. and go back to the room again after dinner.

I come to the room and play Billi Ard games on my mobile for a while, I play this Billy Erd game every day because I like that game very much.
"Billi ard"</center>

Then when I fell asleep while playing games, I left my mobile and fell asleep, and that was the diary of the day.


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