In a book there is a proverbial saying that man life is for the man.

In a book there is a proverbial saying that man life is for the man.


In a book there is a proverbial saying that man life is for the man.

In fact, in order to be a real man, first of all he has to be a human man. And to cooperate with humanity to help others.

People have to be seen as human beings and human beings are revealed through it.

There is no shortage of human beings in the world but there is a lack of human beings. Due to that lack, the humanity of the world is facing extreme disaster today.

Today, in this art, you will see a Muslim donating blood to a Buddhist person and that is humanity is all about.

Humanity is coming forward in the service of human beings by avoiding these caste religions.


All people want a world of brothers and sisters where there will be no arrogance, no hesitation, everyone will be on the same level as brothers and sisters.

If everyone puts religion in its place and walks as brothers in terms of humanity, then there will be no more conflicts in the world.

The world is not for anyone alone, the world is for everyone, and all the blessings, light, wind, air, water, sun, moon are all for everyone, these are not for anyone alone.


If everyone forgot the violence and came forward in the call of humanity, there would be no more conflict in the world, as the drawing i shows a Muslim brother giving blood to a Buddhist brother.

In this way, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu, they can help each other in a humane way without hating each other, and this is the sign of being a real human being.

There are innumerable religions in the world, there are innumerable theologians, if one puts one's religion in its place and comes forward on the basis of humanity, then there will be no more conflict abroad.

If everyone was working for humanity, then such heinous acts as murder, looting, murder and kidnapping would not happen forever.

The only reason for the lack of humanity is that if we look at people as human beings, if we don't look at them as sex offenders, if we don't look at human beings as boys, girls, big and small,black,white e,t,c then there would be no more killings, disappearances, robberies and rapes.

Hazrat Imam Hayat Alaihi Rahma, the Imam of the age, has given the correct definition of humanity in the world.

He said that all people want a world of brotherly humanity. He also said that we does not want conflict,we want only humanity.

He is working 24 hours a day for the liberation of Insaniyat in the work of Insaniyat and he is currently the only bearer and carrier of humanity in the world.


As a result of his hard work, hundreds of thousands of people are coming forward towards in humanity. He is inviting everyone, regardless of party affiliation.

He is calling people to work for the sake of humanity, not for the sake of party or religion.

He also said that his religion belongs to everyone but humanity belongs to everyone.




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