PYNK Daily Contest

First of all, If you don't know what is PYNK all about then I would recommend you to read this: What is PYNK Wisdom of Crowd

When you join the PYNK crowd, you are not only taking part in a project but also committing to your bright future.

Taking part in the daily Challenge is very simple.

  • Collect Crowd Points(CPs*) because it maintains your status as a Pynkster.
  • Submitted your prediction on an asset, the system will automatically enter you into a daily contest.

 You can take part in the daily contest on a daily basis and can win $5 USDC  and WPs**.



How much is the reward system in the Daily Contest

There is two reward system in the Daily Contest.

     1.  The best predictor of the day will get $5 USDC.

     2.  Everyone will get a share of Wisdom Points(WPs**) from the Pynk Pool.

WPs' value will be determined by Pynk's Trading profits for each quarter of the year. At the end of each quarter trading profits will be published by Pynk. Your share of Pynk profits will be transferred to you either in the form of Pynk Security Tokens or as cash.


PYNK crowd is limited to 10,000 Pynksters globally, so If you haven't joined it yet then, good news, you still have time. Click here


Join there Telegram group:



* Crowd Points are your earned activity points inside the Pynk 'Crowd Wisdom' system. To earn more CPs, you need to demonstrate that you are an active member of the Pynk Crowd.

** WPs is not a coin but represent your future asset in PYNK. The amount of WPs you earn is determined by the accuracy of your predictions. The more accurate the prediction the more WPs from the Pynk Pool you will win. 

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