What A Win - This Person Won The 0.18 BTC Jackpot On FreeBitco.in For 16 Satoshi!

What A Win - This Person Won The 0.18 BTC Jackpot On FreeBitco.in For 16 Satoshi!

What a win this person had on Freebitco.in - This person won the weekly lottery, a jackpot of 0.18 BTC with only 16 tickets, worth 16 satoshi.


FreeBitco.in is one of the biggest bitcoin gambling websites, it's been online for 7 years now and has turned over 437,000+ bitcoins over this time and has over 40 million registered users.

Each time you claim from the free bitcoin faucet you receive 2 free lottery tickets and often i see winners with only 1000 tickets actually win, but today when i looked at the #1 winner on this popular bitcoin gambling website i see the winner has only 16 tickets which is only worth 16 satoshi.

One faucet claim would pay around 20 satoshi and give you 2 free lottery tickets, so this person could have literally came to the website once, claimed from the faucet and bought a few lottery tickets.. it makes me wonder if they even know they are in the lottery at all lol.



What an amazing win, congratulations to the lucky winner.. and i hope you invest your money wisely!

Just thought i would show everyone that by using this list of sites that give you free gambling credits can really pay off some times!



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