Goose Bet - Hold GBT Tokens And Get Daily Profit Payments In BTC / ETH / TRX / USDT

Goose Bet - Hold GBT Tokens And Get Daily Profit Payments In BTC / ETH / TRX / USDT

Goose Bet is an awesome looking bitcoin gambling platform that has it's own token and when you hold GBT tokens in your account wallet you will receive a share of the daily profits - paid out in bitcoin, ethereum, tron and tether.


Goose Bet has a great looking gambling platform which has a number of unique features, one of the main ways to earn on this website is by holding the tokens in your wallet and earning daily dividend payments.

Currently the tokens are available cheap and the dividend payments are low, although once this site gets bigger and more users are online gambling the daily profits could increase significantly.






There are some great bonuses for when you can turn over lots of bets automatically using the auto bet feature, you can get up to 3 million TRX if you manage to gamble enough on the site over time.

To earn more cash back, win the hourly wagering race - whoever turns over the most bets during the hour will receive a cash prize, so if you can turn over those bet's without losing there are many bonuses to earn.



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