Earn Bet Decentralized Crash Game - All Bets Run On The Blockchain, Play VS Computer

Earn Bet Decentralized Crash Game - All Bets Run On The Blockchain, Play VS Computer

Earn Bet has a decentralized crash game where all of the bets and run on the blockchain and your playing VS the computer, this is my favorite version of crash and i will tell you why in this article.


The Earn Bet version of crash operates on the wax blockchain and every single bet is randomly generated via smart contract - some gambling sites reduce your odds when you bet big so this is important for big gamblers who want a true and fair bet.



Another one of the most important features of the Earn Bet decentralized version of crash is that your playing vs a computer, rather than with a group of other players like on most of the other cryptocurrency gambling websites.

Often when your playing with other players, big gamblers can throw the odds off on crash and change the whole odds of the game.. with this version of crash the results are generated before you bet and the odds don't change if you bet big or small.



When you create an account on Earn Bet you need to write down your seed phrase, it can't be recovered and it acts as a multi currency wallet that allows you to bet in 14 different cryptocurrencies, all instantly with no limits, it's all done via smart contracts!


One of the best features of the earn bet decentralized bitcoin gambling platform is the fact that 100% of the systems profits are shared out among the token holders which many anyone can hold the BET tokens in their account and receive a dividend payment once monthly and large betters could get even bigger cash back payments when gambling on this platform.



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