Binary Trading - Guess The Price Of Bitcoin And Win 80% Of Your Initial Investment!

Today i wanted to show everyone the binary trading feature on Faucetpay - If you can guess the price of bitcoin you can win +80% of your investment back instantly.


This type of trading is highly risky.. and this would be considered gambling - although i really had some fun with this feature and i made about 80,000 Satoshi in an hour and had to share this one with the community!



This system is very simple.. all you need to do is place a bet amount, choose a timing option, and then click on the call or put button. I set it to 60 seconds which means you can place more bets, although you can set the timer to a longer period and predict the price of bitcoin over 1-3 days.

Here is an example of a bet i did when writing this article:


I have highlighted the important bits in red.. first you will see my entry price - This is the price i placed my bet in. I waited for the price to dip a little bit, then bought in at $9470.00 exactly.

You can see i invested 1000 Satoshi, and with a profit of 80% i will receive 1800 Satoshi if i win.

Next, i set the timer to 60 seconds, so i only need to wait for 1 minute to either win or lose.. this way i can place as many bets as i want each day. The last box is the result.. here you can watch in real time as your position closes and you wait for either a win or a lose.

My strategy on this system is simple - If the markets are pumping and the prices keep going up.. i wait for a dip in the price and then put a call option - A bet the price will increase.

If the markets seem to be on a bearish trend, i will wait until the prices have pumped a bit and then place a put order in the highest priced position i can get in the moment.. betting the price will go back down again.

This technique doesn't always work, but i have certainly profited from the system so far. Here is a look at the position i just gambled on while writing this blog post.. the price of bitcoin went up to $9472.86 so i won this position and gained 800 Satoshi, a huge profit of 80%.


I must warn everyone this is very addictive and very risky! Your watching the price of bitcoin go up and down in real time.. cheering for it to go the way you bet - It's a big rush and better than any other bitcoin gambling system i have ever used.. register on Faucetpay and try it out with some small amounts and see how you go.. if you are good at predicting the markets i think you can make bank on this system.

The very best thing about this system - You don't even need to invest any money.. if you visit and claim from the faucets listed there you can get small bits of bitcoin for free to play with.. you can even transfer funds from your coinpot wallet into faucetpay instantly so no need to invest your hard earned money into this system.. you can get free credits to gamble with.


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