Free BTC - Simple Task

Good day!!!

This platform will give us free BTC for a very simple task, just follow this simple instruction.


1. Sign Up Here: LootBits

2. After you signed up, you will receive free 35 Gems to open you boxes in which each boxes are consist of either BTC, Gems, Badges and even empty. After you used all your Gems, just wait for 1 hour for you to receive another 5 Gems to open other boxes.


3. You will also get XP in to order to level up because each level will let you get more Gems. The more Gems you have the chance of winning bigger BTC other other prizes. 


4. It also offers surveys to earn more Gems.


Sign Up now. LootBits


God Bless!!!

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I am a Born Again Christian and I believe Cryptocurrency is also a good platform to share the word of God.

How to withdraw your earned XRP on Crypto.Ad
How to withdraw your earned XRP on Crypto.Ad

Here are the easiest way to follow in order to withdraw and please follow based on the pictures you've seen. Crypto.Ad Account 1. Go to Wallet ![](

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