What Are The Implications Of Disney Adopting Crypto And NFTs

Before we start I would Like to say that this is not FINANCIAL ADVICE AND IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

So what just happened that we have to talk about Disney Adopting crypto or NFTs? So Disney dropped their job listing on Friday and we found out that Disney has a full-time position for an attorney specializing in crypto or emerging technologies.

So even though they hired an attorney it still means that they are trying to make the move to crypto. So how will crypto affect Disney? First off all cryptocurrency will not help Disney in any way unless they accept it as payment. What I think Disney is aiming to achieve is to get into the NFT field.

NFTs could really help Disney in lots of ways. Of course, I don't know Disney's exact plans and how they will use NFTs. So how will this affect the NFT world it will first of all bring more attention and more people to NFTs and the amazing technology behind them. This could also be a massive plus for crypto as a whole as crypto has just seen bad headline after bad headline over and over again. 

Disney's entrance into crypto will be one of the biggest good things that could happen to crypto. If Disney decided to go towards crypto just like they have hinted to. Crypto as a whole will be in one of the best spots going into one of the worst bear markets.

So for now lots of things are undecided and we will only know for sure if this attempt to get into the NFTs space goes successfully. So that's what I have for you guys today. Thanks for reading and have a great day.





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How to Setup Your Investments

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