How I currently make 1980$ per month online incl passive income from crypto investments
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How I currently make 1980$ per month online incl passive income from crypto investments

I wrote several pieces, what I use to earn money. This is a summary and how much I make 

space token is currently 0.10 meaning with 30 rolls you get up to 5 SPACE = 0,50 daily and if you stake it 1,5 daily, if you this for a year you will have 600$, for the next year that will be 100$ passive income per month, plus 50$. So get SPACE it’s incredibly popular.


So far I made over 8000$ in over 8 months. How?

1 Through faucet Space, (get up to 5 space DAILY FREE thats 50ct daily for free, and staked for 200%, 1,5$ daily at Dutchy autofaucet gives me currently: daily 15$ This is  REALLY a good opportunity by daily 30 rolls. In a year just that will be 200$ Passive income per month. Don’t pass this up. :)

2 Other faucets:  Coinpayz (for me the highest paying up to 5$ daily), Coinpayu, Cointiply, (also well paid faucet) and paid to read, I earn daily 7$ 

3 Masternodes, incl DFI (gives you 50$ if you invest 50$) and BBB, all giving over 130% ROI,  daily: 10$

4 Writing, here, textbroker, forums/community, daily: 14$ daily

5 Investments (I wrote earlier how I do far invest) of my earnings: 20$ daily 

6 I didn’t  include earnings through your referrals, It did give me 70$ this month, or stormapp (12$).  I always sign up for airdrop through coinmarketcap and their learn and earn. 


Daily:       $ 66 

Monthly $1980


- I didn’t include my rigs earnings, I feel that’s more my business profile and registered as such. -


I wrote about Dutchy and Space before. I heard  some people  still though it was hard to navigate this site.  I will write a How do you.. There are so many ways to earn. Staking, space, interest, the more shortlinks you do daily, the more bonus you will receive for your autoclaim to name a few.  

The same about coinpayz: this faucet doesn’t just rely on surveys, it has 2 faucets, paid clicks on links, daily bonus, offerwall offeren various ways to earn there is even a survey that pays out even if you didn’t qualify. This can work for people who live in countries and can’t use surveys.

All my earning will be used compounded and I continue to keep track of my investments. 


I’m still working of other online opportunities or projects, an I can always use another referral from you. So far I used presearch, COIN, and  crypto referrals (thank you)m they all work and very happy !  Yes I use my codes here  I would appreciate it if you use them, by all means you dont have to. I belief you help me and I help you:) 🤍 thanks for reading as always I appreciate it. 






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I love crypto and hope to explain it so it’s even understandable for the total newbies I have miners, mining…

How to make money online in crypto
How to make money online in crypto

The last year i have worked many sites to accumulate money and I would like to share my experience

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