Can you make passive money online? Part 1 Dutchy’s autofaucet

Dutchy’s SPACE faucet works again, it was sold out for a while, remember you get 30, 2 minute rolls  for SPACE per day, at least 3 SPACE daily.


i do use referral codes here, but please don’t feel obligated, I have done this completely without referrals.  I truly belief this website could give you monthly income, I hope you do give it a try.


PART 1 - Faucet earnings- dutchy   .. I now have 320-400$ passive monthly income (5-6000k space compound interest) 

One of the oldest faucets out there is Dutchy’s faucet  . On my quest and bet I made if there is money to be made online I need  to add this one. At first sight it can be overwhelming, there are Dutchy’s you need, to be able to autoclaim coins, and it has its own Space token, just recently listed. This is my experience after 8 months diligently working this.  Each and every day you log in, you get additional loyalty bonuses (you loose it if you don’t, I know, it happened to me:) and the more Space token you have staked (min 200) the more bonuses you get. 

You can claim fee space here . 30 rolls every 2 minutes, on average that’s at least 3 space daily. 


Roll for coins and Dutchy, offerwall to earn 116k Dutchy daily0. Interest, here you can stake it Dutchy and Space (200-300%)social jobs earn up to 17k dutchy daily.


Faucet: autoclaim

The wallet/balance is where you can turn on the faucet, choose which coins you want. I advise to do as many, for 10 minutes, 5x boost. You can always exchange them later. However in The beginning without the loyalty bonus these earnings will be very low. Start doing this once you have at least 30% bonus and about 200 space staked. 


The best way to make money, in my experience with Dutchy
Is to get your daily free Space tokens, once you have 200, you should within 1-1,5 month, stake them for 2000-300%. Harvest daily to compound interest. To stake tokens, they stay in your wallet. You only need to connect once with your wallet and or when it needs to be update. IMO one if the safest way to stake. I was lucky in the beginning, it started with 800% The tokens were 0.02 back then,  now  hovering around 0.8. 
For the Dutchy site, just check in daily, earn some easy Dutchy, and once you have 30% or more bonus, you can start focusing on daily coin rolls. Dutchy’s you can stake as well. I currently have over a million Dutchy’s staked for 16%. 


I don’t have substantial referrals, maybe 1 😂 I did all of the above, faithlessly.  Once I  lost my loyalty bonus and was so annoyed to state allover again.  I now have over 7000 space tokens and I make about 12$ daily after 8 months (at the time space was 0.03 and I got 800% bonus until a week ago) for both space and coins. I expect this to become more, even with 240% bonus for me, I hope, 😂once I accumulate more staked tokens (currently about 120 daily) and higher bonuses. In a couple of months I should have 4000k more space :).and will update this review in about 6 months. 

this means this gives me currently 350-400$ in income, which I put back in space tokens. At this moment I earn about 760-1000$ monthly. 




I assume if you are good in accumulating referrals, you could at least double those earnings. 

How do you get paid?

You can choose to get paid by Faucetpay, ExpressCrypto  (most people who use faucets probably use these micropayment methods),  or by blockchain. If you have a coinbase account, the transactions will be free. And yes, you can see, I can confirm Dutchy pays, 


Can you make money for free with this?

Oh yes, but you need a lot of  patient as it will take a while, think 6 months at least. There have been times I wanted to give up, my rigs/miners makes it a whole lot easier to make money with (but a much more expensive investment )😂.  I am glad I didn’t give up and it’s great to see small money can turn into something substantial.   I took out twice 50$, to invest in other projects, and will write about those soon. On another note this community (in discord and telegram) is awesome and your are really part of it and able to vote.

if you want to earn money faster this is not the one for you, but in the long run this will be the one that can give you ‘sleeping money’. I will post some other website where it’s fairly easy to make 5-10$ in 2 days, withdraw and stake/invest in your favorite crypto.


BTW yes I do have a job as well too, I work paid from home though:)
If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know.. 





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I love crypto and hope to explain it so it’s even understandable for the total newbies I have miners, mining…

How to make money online in crypto
How to make money online in crypto

The last year i have worked many sites to accumulate money and I would like to share my experience

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