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By jezzer71 | How to make friends!? | 8 Jul 2021

Hopefully, now, I've provided you with a good overview on how to converse with people. The next step is to spend more time with them and that can be easily achieved by going outside. In this post we will discuss how arrange outings to food places. 

Asking to go out with people for food is extremely common, business people do it, families do it and even in pop culture you see characters inviting others to get to know them better. Below are 3 important guidelines for food going outs. Note as with conversations, you don't have to follow a fixed template so you don't have to treat these as rules.

1)  Relax when you're eating

You should be able to relax with friends around in general. Don't worry if you eat messily - it is ok to be vulnerable. I have had tried to be polite while eating so many times and it barely made a difference, especially if the opposite party is engrossed in their own food. There is a saying that "we love our friends for their imperfections." Don't be afraid to show them off.

2) Don't choose an overly posh restaurant first time

There is no use putting on an air that you are rich. You are having fun with your friends - not going for a job interview or a date. Go to somewhere where you would regularly enjoy eating at. The main fast food restaurant chains are a safe bet. Even better if you know a local place you enjoy going to, you could invite them there. During my high school times, I often went out with my friends to a local fried chicken place - it might not have looked like 5-star restaurant but it was cheap and delicious which is what mattered. It became our personal food place where we had lots of memories. I think the problem with fast-food restaurants is that they are everywhere, so people are less likely to see the need to go with you as they could go with their families or other friends.

3) Adjust your eating pace - especially if you're a fast eater

I finished eating way before friends a lot of times. I'll admit it was awkward after that. People feel pressured to eat faster if the other side has finished but they shouldn't do. The best thing is to adjust your pace to match theirs. However, if you do end up in that type of situation, initiate a conversation which you lead the most, so it feels like they aren't wasting your time and you aren't getting bored. People are often very sensitive, even more so if they don't know you. While you should relax, let them relax too.

[It's been a while since I've written on this blog, due to some work, I will be returning to publish at least once a week on this blog again. :)]


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How to make friends!?
How to make friends!?

Friends are very useful things to have, especially when making money. Often on forums and real life, people ask me how to make friends. In this blog I will talk about my experience and strategies on making friends.

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