NASCAR race predictions for Talladega 6/21 (free wagering advice)

NASCAR race predictions for Talladega 6/21 (free wagering advice)

Hey guys, i know this is probably not the best venue to be sharing my NASCAR wagers for tomorrow's race at Talladega but i am giving it a shot anyway. Just a little backstory first : So me and a couple other analysts run a handicapping service mostly for sports wagering called Lightning Picks. We run the entire service out of our Discord server - anyone is free to join. We also have channels for other things like cryptocurrency, stocks, TA, poker etc. Basically anything you can make money on. Anyways, since we started we have ballooned to over 750 members basically overnight. We have a great community and like i said, anyone is free to join. Anyways, we are tying to expand the ways we reach people into videos, live streams, and podcasts. We ran our first live stream before/during the UFC fights today and all in all things went fairly well. It is definitely a learning process. With all that being said i went ahead and made a short (13 minute) video to break down the NASCAR race at Talladega tomorrow.

also, on LBRY :



Now bare with me here - i understand that NASCAR is boring as hell to most people and that 95% of the population here doesn't give a shit about it and probably never will, i get it. But i would be eternally grateful if any of you would be willing to take 13 minutes of your life and help me improve. I need some thoughts/ideas/suggestions on what i can improve on, add, or do better. I am posting this here on publish0x because for the most part we have a great community that is generally very supportive and maybe, just maybe, i can introduce some new people to the sport. I tried to make the video as funny/entertaining as possible to engage the people who may not be very big fans of the sport. I can definitely do better though and would accept any pointers or criticism. Don't hold back. Feel free to post it in the comments here or in the comments of the video itself. Also you guys feel free to join our Discord server and reach out to me there if you like or just join in on the shit show and talk some sports, crypto, investing etc. Thank you all for reading and thank you to whoever watches the video. For anyone not interested in watching the video and just wants free wagering advice here is what i will be betting tomorrow :

Logano to win (9/1 odds) 1.5 units

Reddick to win (22/1 odds) 1 unit

Logano top 5 finish (+187) 2 units

Reddick top 5 finish (+450) 1 units

winning car manufacturer - Ford (+137) 2 units

Logano over Keselowski (-130) 2.5 units

I will also post several head to head matchups tomorrow morning when the lines come out in my discord server and on Twitter as well. 


One last thing :
If anyone needs help or if you have any questions, I can always be reached via my discord server :
My name there is poopster and we also have free investing and crypto channels for anyone who wants to join. We currently have over 750 members and would love to have you all.
Also, if you are not a member of publish0x I will include my ambassador link here. I appreciate anyone who uses it :


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