How to maximize you crypto earnings on a limited budget

How to maximize you crypto earnings on a limited budget

A couple months ago a couple friends and i started posting in a sports wagering subreddit. One of us had the bright idea to move all the degenerates from Reddit onto Discord where the ideas could flow more freely and we could be better organized. This was the genesis of what has become a truly beautiful project/social experiment. What we all had in common was the love of money and the thrill of winning. Over the last few months what i have found is not only a community of gamblers with a common goal, but i also found that these are some REALLY sharp individuals. Many of us had already diversified or investments into stocks and bonds, real estate, and currencies so the natural progression was to add those types of channels to our server.


Through this Discord server i have learned a lot and shared a lot of strategies and ideas that have helped my portfolio grow slowly but surely. If not for this server i might have never learned of but instead here i am publishing an article. I want to share with this community the thoughts and ideas that have been so freely shared with me not only to help you all grow your portfolio but also to help bring about mass adoption and promote crypto as a whole.

Many of you may be familiar with a lot of these, but here are just a few of the ways i have learned to maximize my passive income :



To date this has been by far the most profitable way for me to earn crypto basically for free. There are TONS of referrals these days, it seems like almost everyone has some sort of affiliate program. Anytime you sign up for a new service or buy something always check for an affiliate program. For example, i didn't even know that had an ambassador program that can be found here :
Coinbase also offers a "refer a friend" program along with the program in which users can invite other coinbase members to earn crypto by doing a short lesson followed by a quiz.



Many Brave browser users know they can earn BAT by simply browsing the internet but what a lot of people don't know is that anyone with a Twitter, Youtube, or Reddit account can sign up to become verified Brave Creators. The process is simple and fast and i earned over 100 BAT last month from new users downloading Brave from my web banner. Not to mention the tips in BAT i got as a content creator on Youtube. 



Yesterday i was talking with a friend about cold wallets and had suggested the Ledger Nano X to him. I purchased two of them about a year ago and advised him to do the same. He asked for my referral link and i said "No, i don't think they offer them." Turns out i was wrong and now i am an affiliate for Ledger as well. It literally took  minutes to set up an affiliate account. If not for him asking for the link, i would have never even thought about it. This taught me that A) Check for affiliate/referral links ANYWHERE there is a product or service and B) going back to my point earlier, the more people you have thinking and working together, the better.

These have been just a few examples of referral/affiliate links i have and have used. There are many more, from the websites i use to wager on sports ( and to the app i use to buy stocks (Robinhood) to the cashback programs i use like Getupside and Ibotta.

Mining made simple

So everyone knows about mining and mining pools, i am not really going to get into that too much. It can be a lot of work and can eat up a lot of your resources. Validator nodes can serve as a very easy way to "mine" without actually using up all your CPU/GPU and destroying your computer. I use the Theta Pre-Guardian node to mine tfuel. Tfuel is a cryptocurrency that powers the theta network, an online streaming platform. You can set up and install directly from the theta website and all it uses to mine tfuel is a little bandwidth. If you have an old laptop or pc laying around not doing anything i definitely recommend checking this out.



Besides referral and affiliate programs there are other ways to find free crypto like airdrops. I use to check for the latest and hottest offers out there. Many of them may not be worth it but i did find a couple there that were worth my time like the Keybase/Stellar airdrop that they ran last year in which they gave away 300 million Lumens (approximately $16,000,000 USD). There are also other resource programs like Blockgeeks which are similar to Publish0x in that they basically pay/reward you to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I won't get into online surveys here but there are TONS of ways to get paid from them if you have the patience. The only one i actually use at this point is an app called Zap surveys which i basically only use to get the daily log in reward and the location based ad notifications. The $25 paypal reward was easy enough to collect after a couple months. One last resource is a blog i found that lists every way of earning passive income known to man, you can check it out here :, i have found some really great deals there.



Conclusion - one last helpful tip

Figuring out HOW to share these links is also the key to getting people to actually use them. No one likes the asshole who just spams this shit all over his social media sites. I tried that, it doesn't work. Try to find a group of people who think like you, share similar interests, or are sympathetic to your cause (friends and family). In my case it just so happened that we created the perfect discord group for this sort of thing. Also, take advantage of all the resources you have at your disposal. In my case i have two preteens that have their own phones/tablets. I installed the Brave browser on all their devices and linked them to my wallet. Now i am making three times as much ad revenue. Think outside the box and you will maximize your potential.

I hope this article has been helpful. I sincerely appreciate all who took the time to actually read through it and wish you all the best. Feel free to comment with any questions and if anyone is interested in joining our Discord channel please feel free :

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As a crypto investor with limited resources i have recently learned several ways to maximize my crypto portfolio in some creative ways. I had to think outside the box and use every resource at my disposal. I have found that the greatest resource is my network. The more eyes/minds you have on any given subject, the more thoughts and ideas you get on that subject. With that in mind, let me share my experience with you.

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