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FreeDogeCoin is a dogecoin faucet that gives a random amount up to 10 Dogecoin to all visitors. You can earn this free Dogecoin every 60 minutes with a simple click. Also you will earn the same amount that anyone with your referral link earns. You will find your referral link in the top table with which you can refer your friends or colleagues to participate in FreeDogecoin.

To get started, You need to enter your Dogecoin address in the top table and click "Submit" button. Then registration form pops up and you need to enter your email and choose a password and submit.

In your first login, You will be asked to verify your email. If you didn't get the verification email in your inbox, then check your SPAM folder and find the verification email and click on "Report Not Spam" then click on the verification link. To find the spam folder in gmail, in the left menu that contains inbox, scroll to the bottom and click more. Then spam folder appears in the menu.

Then you will see your referral link and your free dogecoin balance. In the bottom of the table you can simply fill in security code and click "Submit Request" to earn Dogecoin. You can earn Dogecoin every 60 minutes at the moment. Also you can share your referral link and anytime a person with your referral link earns Dogecoin, you will earn the same amount.

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How to earn free crypto easy
How to earn free crypto easy

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