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How to earn cryptocurrencies via bugbounties - Part 3


The topic for today is reconnaissance, reconnaissance or recon is the process of gathering the information about a particular target. In our case it is the information of our bugbounty target. There are 2 types of information gathering or recon. Passive and Active. Passive recon is the process of gathering information without directly interacting with the target i.e we find information from openly available resources. In active recon we directly interact with the target.

Google hacking!

Yes, you can use google for hacking. Google is a major tool for information gathering used by bugbounty hunters. 

Google dorks?

Google dorks are advanced search queries used for finding targets and more...


inurl: /bugbounty    search this string in google browser to fetch bugbouty targets (Sites that offer bugbounties)

finding targets with google dorkslNow we got the targets, Stay tuned for finding targets that offer crypto as bounties in my next post

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How to earn crytocurrency through Bugbounty?
How to earn crytocurrency through Bugbounty?

Before moving into the blog let's talk about bugbounties. Securing a social media platform with a billion-plus users takes more than an InfoSec team. It takes an army of whitehat hackers who uncover cybersecurity vulnerabilities, document them, and then share that information with the company in exchange for a reward. This program is called as bug bounty programs. Some of the sites which offers crypto as rewards are: 1. Binance 2. 3. BTCmarkets 4. Kraken 5. 6. Coinjar 7. Nicehash

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