Referring to a 1997 'The Simpsons' Episode About Crypto-Currency

Would you call it insight; foresight; creative genius, or some really amazing E.S.P; regarding, a 1997 aired show, of The Simpsons giving an overview about crypto-currency? 

If you watched the episode, back in the late 90's, what were your thoughts about the topic of the overview, and if you would like to (now) review the video below, of the '97 episode (to refresh your memory), what are your thoughts about a pretty 'spot-on' prediction regarding crypto-currency?

Do you think it's pure creative genius on the show's creators part; and that The Simpsons (creators) simply had a great knack for calling things of the future in many of their episodes? Or, do you see it as something else?

My thoughts are that it's kind of spooky, to say the least; An animated comedy, that offers a futuristic glimpse into the (crypto-currency) future, with such accuracy..

So, here is the video to check out ~

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How Remarkable Is Crypto-Currency
How Remarkable Is Crypto-Currency

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