BitcoinBaby - How My Crypto Newbie Actions Made & Lost Me Money

Here we are at the end of the bear market (I hope).

And I am looking back to those awesome days when I had no clue what I was doing

It was late 2020 and we had this crazy COVID bull market, that was when BitcoinBaby got born.

I got the heads up from a friend that I really needed to buy crypto, again (he had been telling me that for 6 months).

Well as I finally had no debts and got a nice birthday gift I did what he said, bought some BTC, and used 250 dollars for spot trading.

But most importantly I baptized myself BitcoinBaby (BTCB) and deep dived into the crypto-verse.

What Happened Next

What happened next was insane I was making money in crypto both by holding and trading, but I had no budget to increase my investment so I started looking for free money and I tried a lot of stuff.

One of the first things I did was join Noisecash, at that moment a nice community with a large crypto focus and giving BCH rewards. Over the next two years I must have earned over 1200 dollars in BCH I could use to make my crypto mistakes. Because I made a lot.

Some I made by accident like messing up transactions on Metamask because I did not know how to remove a transaction that failed but kept showing as pending. Others I made to show my readers what not to do like investing in scams like Safemoon.

I tried a million things some failed, some succeeded, and some scared me.

My Biggest Fail 

Next to messing up Metamask one of my biggest failures being a noob was moving my BCH made from NoiseCash and ReadCash into Celsius. I did my research, they did not pay too much and they had been around since 2019 so I thought they were okay. Especially if I would not keep too much with them. So I started using Celsius and Celsius Monday was always nice. I withdrew a bit every now and then....and then I got busy and my BCH on Celsius started piling up.

I had almost 2 BCH on there and a bit of BTC that I got as a reward, and then Luna died..... I invested a bit in Luna during that death struggle I made like $50 profit in its dying days and invested that in LUNC again, today my LUNC is worth about a dollar. But that was only a side hustle, a side hustle that caused Celsius to fail and well you know the rest of the story. I still have about $450 stuck in Celsius that I probably never get back.


My Biggest Succes  

Next to buying Matic and Theta low and selling them at the top, my biggest success was responsible for 40% of my All Time Portfolio High which was 14K. Yes, my small 2K investment ended up at 14K in November 2021. Now that success was due to another oh I am a noob let´s see what happens action. I saw a referral on Noise for TORUM, no clue what it was but I was looking for free crypto and they offered it. 

So I joined Torum just before the NFTs got big, and while their referrals were still high. You got up to 75 XTM for a referral but I didn´t get too many people joining. Then NFTs exploded and I had a nice little business hunting for free NFTs and selling those. I did quite well and must have made about $200 on selling free NFTs. My articles on where you could find the best free NFTS made probably $50. But with TORUM being one of the best places to find free NFTS my referrals shot up and I ended with 137 referrals worth about 5000 XTM, XTM I sold when it hit $1. My total XTM sales were about 6K before gas fees.  

CAKE & BAKE scared me

One that scared me was Cake DFI; I had to input 50 dollars in crypto and I would get a $30 bonus. According to their calculator back then that 30 dollars could become 40K if I would lock it in their freezer for 10 years. I did not believe it, but $30 free crypto sounded wonderful.

They made good on their promise, and I locked that $30 in a freezer for 10 years.

A couple of weeks later I did my own research and found the founder was a bit of a hustler, being a noob it scared me so bad that I withdrew my $50. There was no issue, my investment came back to Daddy but my free crypto was locked up.

Over time Cake DFI did the unexpected, they kept paying up and kept running, during the bull market I must have withdrawn $600 made from the bonuses I got for my referrals. 

The referral rewards bonuses were a great extra bit of free crypto, but the weekly referral rewards were low, a couple of cents. Probably because all my referrals did what I did. Put $50 in, take the $50 out, and leave the $30 bonus. But who cares, I got 10-25 dollars from each referral.

I expected Cake DFI to do a Celsius during the bear market, but they did not and the story gets weirder till December 2022 I got a 30 cents a week as a referral reward. But all of a sudden I started getting 5-10 dollars a week???

After a bit of research, I figured out that one of my referrals must have parked quite a bit of DFI with Cake. Not sure who did it, but if you are the guy or girl...thanks!


I sold a bit of the DFI, but lately, I just keep saving it up because the price of ALTS did dipperdydip so I will take the risk that it will go up and Cake will be around for another bull market.

So in the bull market, I had about 80 DFI locked up worth about $400. Now thanks to these weekly rewards I have 450 DFI generating interest half on Cake and the other half on Kucoin as you should not put all your cakes in one basket. So just in case DFI will do half of its ATH I have $1400 of Cake. $1400 by investing $50 and pulling it out three weeks later.

Now that is not close to that 40K their calculator told me I would make in 10 years but it´s a 27X on my investment or 1400X if you take into account I actually had no investment.

BTW Cake changed to Bake and keeps working on its offerings:


After several years of Cake, they feel like a good product, with a nice sign-up Bonus but still, I get the people calling it a pyramid scheme I just hope they take off next Bull run as I am growing big bags in this bear market.

If you are curious about BAKE have a look, but I think that at the moment the sign-up Bonus is only $10 so maybe you should wait till they have another $25 bonus.

What´s Next?

I really wonder what the next bull market wonders will be and how I can get some free crypto out of it;

Noise App doesn´t pay anymore, NFTs do not sell anymore, and nobody is using my referrals anymore..... so what is the next big thing....what is the next place to make free crypto without becoming a Celsius Victim?

Other than still being on Torum I have no idea. Let me know in the comments where you are making your free crypto atm and feel free to drop your referral as this is the moment to get ready for the next big thing.

If you start saving now, you might be able to get a nice return 18 months from now. I will keep you all posted on what I think will be the next big thing as soon as I find it because I don´t see it right now.

Bottom Line

The fact I don´t see it annoys the hell out of me. As a Noob in the Bull Market, I just jumped in and well I had all kinds of experiences as you have seen. But right now it´s awfully quiet.

I guess I will have to do my own research, but why did these things hit me in the face when I was still a noob?


Or maybe it´s me not paying attention.

Or do these opportunities only start to bloom right before the next halving?

For now, I just keep my eyes open and do some spot trading to grow my balls eehhh bags.

Furthermore, I keep writing on several platforms. I have so many lessons learned I would like to try out next bull that only one thing worries me.......

What if the bull never comes back?

Thank goodness you made it till the end peace, love and I am out of here!

Please reward yourself generously, and hit that like button it`s one of the few things still free in this world.


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Little kids keep asking a Noob in the Big Bad Bitcoin world the same is happening to me as I try to figure how to survive. My Posts will take you through all the things happening in my mind since I got on the BTC Rocket into Crypto Universe

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