Use "Writing" to Engage Faculties During Positivity Exercises

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 4 Aug 2020

Why Engage the Faculties of Our Body?

I am sure many of you would have heard about the use of affirmations to get our mind focused on positive things. You would also know that affirmations can be positive or negative. The more we affirm, the more we believe. The more we believe, the more it gets embedded in our subconscious. From there, the subconscious shapes our behaviour based on the belief we had embedded. Now, this is easy, right? It is.

But you would have realized that reading affirmations only wouldn’t have changed things much. That’s when all the life coaches and gurus realized that affirmations would need more than just words to make an impact on our belief system. In other words, mere chanting of affirmations wasn’t going to cut the ice. So, then what do we do?

We include more faculties in the affirmation. How do we do that? We include feelings when affirming. So, if “I am wealthy” is one of the affirmations, you would want to feel how would it feel to be rich, to have all that you wanted, to take that drive around your Mercedes GL63 AMG and the likes. The feeling, along with the affirmation, makes an impact on your mind. That’s when your mind starts noticing, and that’s how you start making it your belief system.

The same process is true for every energy exercise or positivity exercises that you would want to engage in. Today not just affirmations but other mind cleaning and energy cleansing tools like Emotive Freedom Technique (EFT), 55x5 Process, Two Cup Method, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and more are available. The idea is to use more faculties while doing these exercises.

That’s all great, but I mentioned writing, and we are not even talking about it. That’s true, so let’s get talking about it.


Writing As A Tool to Engage More Faculties

Now we already touched on the aspect of indulging more faculties. We said that not just mere chanting of affirmations but also feeling them helps. So, we take that aspect a step further and introduce “writing” as one of the ways to indulge faculties in our exercise.

Interestingly, 55x5 Process, Two Cup Method and others already require you to write. In the case of EFT, while you don’t have to write, the process does need you to get to the underlying reason for discord to undo that discord. We can, of course, think about it, but I found writing down the problem and keep asking why and writing the reason to be more effective to get to the root cause. Once there, you can do EFT to remove the discord. So, here again, writing plays a role.


Let’s take our earlier affirmation – I am wealthy – and let’s do this exercise right now.

FIRST ATTEMPT: Just say – I am wealthy

SECOND ATTEMPT: Say – I am wealthy – and feel it

THIRD ATTEMPT: Write down – I am wealthy – read it, say it and feel it

Now, here’s my question. In which case did you find yourself more focused on the “I am wealthy” part? Mostly, it would be the third case. Why? Because your body and mind were involved in the affirmation that you were thinking and writing about.

That’s the advantage of writing down your positive exercises. Include as many senses as possible. That’s the basic idea.


But Why Writing? Why Can’t I Type, instead?

Not a bad idea, but then writing still uses more faculties than typing. You can check for yourself. Most of you know typing and can type without even looking at the keyboard or the screen, correct? Yes, for most of us. But try writing without seeing. The chances are that you wouldn’t be able to write in one line or your writing becomes illegible, or you would write one word over the other.

Now, most of you would have experienced what I said. What does that mean? It means writing engages more faculties than typing. So, get into writing to get in touch with your feelings and thoughts. It helps. Trust me, it does.

Not only that but also writing engages some part of our brain, which makes us feel that whatever we are doing is personal. Now, there is no apparent reason for that, but the fact that most of us have started writing since childhood while started typing only in college or work- could be one of the reason. Maybe, the current generation would have typed in school too, but most of us started writing when we were small. Perhaps, there are experiences stored which make writing a lot more engaged than typing. Think about it, how involved were you when that not-so-interesting lecture was going on, and you had typed the notes? Or how interested were you when preparing your report to submit at work or college?

See what I mean? So, stick to writing. And you might even start liking it. In fact, many coaches talk about journaling your experience. What is journaling? It is writing down your experience. 😊

Go for it and enjoy the process!


That’s It!

The next time you get around doing your positive exercises, ensure that you engage as many faculties as possible. You will experience the results much faster. Isn’t that what you want? Then what are you waiting for? Get started. 😊


**Image Courtesy:** LukasBeiri @Pixabay


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