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By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 15 Jun 2021

Focusing | The Biggest Problem

Now, all the self-help books and those written on Law of Attraction tell us that staying focused brings forth what we want. If we can stay focused on what we want unabated, it should be there in no time. In fact, you are supposed to believe that it is already there. And that’s where the problem lies.

The thing with our focus is that it changes direction quite often. So, for a minute, we are focused on the abundance that we seek, while at the next moment, we are drowned in the debt that we are experiencing. This constant yo-yo makes us lose track of what we want. More often than not, we are focused on what we don’t want. And what do you think is the result? We get more of what we don’t want.


While it may seem so straightforward, we still don’t find a way to stay focused in the right direction. Why is that? Because most of us are yet to realize that we can control our minds and what we think. We still live in the assumption that we are slaves to our thoughts. We are not our thoughts, nor can they arrive without us allowing them to. So, yeah, we can control our thoughts, and yes, we can stay focused.

Then why do things that we want don’t happen?


That’s Because We Don’t Believe It Can Be

If we are ready to pass the first hurdle of realization that we indeed control our thoughts, then we come to the second one. While we remain focused on what we want, we get distracted by our old thoughts and experiences.

We start doubting if things can happen. We then start analyzing it and coming to conclusions. Conclusions like something cannot happen in our life, or it would take a lot of time to happen. Then our doubts grow, and then we lose focus again. But here’s a question to those analyzing the situation – how do you know you won’t make it? If you have not been there before, how would you know you can’t make it?

You seem to believe with deep faith that you can't make it there because you have not been there. Then why can’t you believe the other way round? Because you haven’t been there, you can make it there. And you will have proof of it too. When you were in first grade, you had never been in the second grade, right? But still, you made it there. Aren’t that and more instances like these proof that you can be someplace even if you hadn’t been there before?

If you can convince yourself that you can indeed make it, you will get what you want. It could be money, health, fame, followers, and everything else that you seek.

Then why don’t most people get it?

Because We Make It a Solo Affair

If you can believe that you control your thoughts and can believe that you can get what you want, you still are not fully into it. Why? Because you are solo in the mission and think that you will have to wrestle your way through. It is as if what you want is safeguarded to keep it away from you.

But here’s a change in perspective that will help you. Years ago, I heard from Esther and Jerry Hicks’ talks that what we seek is seeking us too. So, it is never a solo affair, nor is what you seek kept away from you. What you seek is, in fact, seeking you. If that is the case, then all you have to do is stay focused and bring things into your reality. It’s as simple as that.

Why do we falter in this step? Because we fail to become a beacon and guide the ship to the port. Now, for a moment, change your mindset. Don’t go looking for what you want. Instead, know that what you want is already seeking you. Now, consider it to be a ship that is sailing in the darkest of nights. If you were to guide it, what would you do? You would hold a light up and shine it on the ship, wouldn’t you? That way, the ship would know which way to navigate and reach you.

If you can understand that part, then it would be easy to figure out that you have to become a beacon and allow what you seek to come hurtling towards you. And when it does, it becomes you, and you live the life you want. Isn’t that easy?

So, that’s your mantra. That’s how you attract the life that you want.


Become the Beacon and Attract What You Want!

I am sure that this new perspective is useful for everyone. You can become the beacon by staying focused on what you want and believe it with all your might. This shines it out for your ship to find you. Every single time you shift your focus, the ship is left stranded. So, give it your everything.

Isn’t this quite simple? All you have to do is believe and nothing else. The ship finds you, and you have what you want. The best way to do this is by living what you want even before it arrives. That’s the best way to believe and shine your light on the universe.

What do I mean? If you ask for riches, then go to thoughts of what you would do when you have your riches and believe that to be your current reality. You may think of buying new cars, houses, dresses or more things. And maybe, support charity, help those in need, and much more. All this makes you stay focused on what you want and, in turn, keeps your beacon on with laser intensity. When that happens, your ship steers towards you on full throttle. What more can you ask?

So, that’s it from me, and I hope it was of use for you. Make the most of it. Remember, it is way easier than you think. You can and deserve to live the life you want!! 😊


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** [Nile]( at Pixabay | [Lighthouse]( at Pixabay


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