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By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 21 Jul 2021

Success | Reserved For the Few

Success seems to be reserved for a few. This statement is based on the fact that we don’t see many successful people in the world. There is a blessed minority that seems to have all that we want, finds it easy to get all that we love, and has no qualms in living the lifestyle that we crave. So, the pursuit of success seems to be a never-ending pursuit for most while an achieved past for a few.



This apparent perception also leads to the majority disliking the minority. If we take an example of one parameter like money, we can dissect the human population into the rich and the poor. Needless to say, the rich are the minorities who have all the money that we can think of, while the poor are the majority with a struggling lifestyle. Do the poor like the rich? No, definitely not, and they will take every opportunity to condemn them. That is the irony of the situation. The poor want to be rich but don’t like the rich.

While we looked at success from the narrow perspective of money, success can mean many things. For some, success would be to get the Nobel Prize; for others, it could mean doing something helpful, while still others would equate it with being rich and so on. Irrespective of the definition of success, there is indeed a method to succeed.


Success Can Be Replicated

As we discussed in the previous section, success could mean different things to different people. However, no matter what our definition for success could be, it can be replicated. If it is so, then why aren’t the poor following the rich?

Part of the problem is "access," while the major problem is ego. What do we mean by access? Let's look at this part with a question. How many of us have access to a Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? Not many, right? If we can’t get to them, then how are we going to learn from them? Isn't that right? But this is a minor problem. If we really want, we will figure out how to get to Gates or Bezos or find ways to learn about their path to success. However, if our ego prevents us from accessing these people, then we never will.

What is this ego problem? The ego problem puts us in a contradiction. It is a problem where we want to do something or become something, but deep down in our hearts, we hate those who have achieved it or have become it. What does that mean? We want to be rich, and we know that Bill Gates is a rich person. But we hate Bill Gates. Why? Because according to us, rich people are bad, slimy; they become rich at the expense of others and many such things. What this does is, makes us hate Bill Gates and everyone rich. Mind you, we have never met Bill, and we already hate him. How can we become something that we hate? Ever thought of that? This is the ego-led dilemma. Our ego tells us that if we want to become rich, we have to become like someone we hate. Will our subconscious allow us to be rich then? Chances are not. So, our ego is our biggest impediment. In such a scenario, there is little likelihood that we will pursue our path to become rich. ☹

We will discuss the ego problem at length in a separate article, but here, let’s assume that we are completely aligned to the idea of wanting to have or becoming what we want. Then what do we do? We just replicate the success.


Replicating Success | The Method

Many of us don’t see success as a process – a very well-defined method. The reason success can be replicated is because it is well-defined. Much like learning to drive or learning to walk, success has a method. Some of them are visible, and some of them are not. For example, while learning to drive, we know that there are gears, clutch, brake, and accelerator in a car. We can see these things, and we have to learn to engage each of them in the right manner. But learning to walk is something that is not visible. It is a way in which the brain figures out to balance the body without falling. Notice the difference?


The same logic applies to success. There are things that we can see, and there are things that we can’t. We have to learn both and apply both. As usual, let’s take an example. If we want to be the best salesperson in our job, we have to replicate the best sales guy in our office. Further, we get to know that he does ten calls and meets three prospects every day. So, that’s the visible part. We can do the same thing. There is something more to the equation, though. The best sales guy also knows to take rejections and move on. He is highly motivated. “Taking rejections” and “motivation” are the invisible parts on the road to success. We will have to learn them too if we don’t have them already. That’s it. Just replicate the success.

While this may sound too easy to be true, the fact is – it is true. Success is a method, and it can be replicated if someone is willing to follow the path. That’s all we need to know. The next time we want to be successful in any walk of life, we have to find the best in that area and replicate him/her. And it is guaranteed that we would succeed.


Remember | Success Is A Method

Keep in mind that success is a process, and it can be replicated. It is not some mysterious potion that was given to some and not to others. Even if we aren’t there yet in any area of our life right now, it is okay.

Remember, all it takes is to find the ways of successful people. Once you find it, replicate it. And you will be there!!


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** [OpenClipart Vectors]( at Pixabay | [Geralt]( at Pixabay


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