Do We Need to Meditate?

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 5 Nov 2020

Meditation – Is there a need?

Let’s be honest, your life is not going to stand still if you don’t meditate. So, then why meditate? Well, your life is indeed going to stand still if you don’t meditate? Confused? Let me explain.

Most of us are shaped by our environment and society to act and behave in a particular way. This shape we take is so powerful that we hardly escape it. In other words, once you form a habit and form a way of living, the chances are that you will continue living that life for the rest of your life. So, if you don’t meditate, then you will continue to live your life as you knew it. In that sense, your life does not stand still.

But, if you are like me and would want to have all the abundance and awesomeness that life has to offer, then you wouldn’t be fine to stay where you were. You would, of course, be grateful for where you are but would also look to improve yourself, and therefore, your living conditions. That’s where meditation helps. When you meditate, you give yourself a chance to come out of your regular thought pattern and choose a better one. In that sense, if you don’t meditate your life does standstill with the regular thought pattern and your old way of living.

I hope you got that.


So, what happens when you meditate?

Meditation is as old as the oldest civilizations itself, so there must be some merit to this long-standing activity. I mean, animal lovers respect the fact that crocodiles had lived alongside dinosaurs and ended up outliving them then why wouldn’t the spiritually inclined not appreciate a process which has been successfully passed down generations counting back to thousands of years?



But then what is so special about meditation? It is the fact that it empowers you to stop the current thought pattern and enter the “silence”. In doing so, you open the pathway to allow communication (or inspiration) from the divine. That is very effective and powerful. And that is also the first time you realize that you are not your thoughts.

Read that last statement again. Get that. So, all your thoughts which keeps coming to you and tells you what you are and what you cannot be is not you. You are more than your thoughts. When you realize that that is when you stop the thoughts and start taking decisions which mend your life; to that extent, meditation is important.


How Do We Meditate?

There are many ways to meditate from focusing on your breath to following guided meditations on YouTube. My personal choice early on was to meditate on my own focusing on my breath. The problem with that was the distractions which I would experience. The mind would want to wander, and I would have to push against it to bring it back to focus on things I want. But it works with practice. As you practice, you become better and better.

If you are having issues with focusing on your own, then using guided meditations are also fine. The good part about guided meditation is that you are already focused on the voice of the host (the person you are listening to) and hence very little chance of a wandering mind.


Try it out! You have nothing to lose!

Meditation, as I said before, is also a great conduit to escape this life and find our higher voice, our higher purpose.

If you want to change, then why not try meditation? And if you are fine where you are, then why not just give it a try? You can always return if you don’t like it. But I suspect that once you meditate, you will be transformed much to go back.

So, enjoy meditating. Remember, you have nothing to lose. 😊


**Image Courtesy:** Activedia @pixabay


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