Isonex Capital the World's First Tokenized Equal Weight Digital Currency Index Fund

By Crypto Directories | Hot ICO List | 13 Oct 2019

Isonex Capital – (IX15) leverages digital currencies’ low correlation to stocks and bonds and is purpose-built to diversify investments from traditional asset classes heavily linked to general economic fundamentals – a true hedge against inevitable market cyclicality and impending economic turmoil. When properly employed in back-testing, IX15 enhanced the returns of a traditional stock and bond portfolio by a significant 20% over five years without compromising on risk.

With IX15, investors hold the top 15 digital currencies ranked by market cap, re-balanced every 30 days. This means, whatever happens to any individual digital currency, IX15 holders will always hold the top 15 upon each rebalancing.

World’s First Tokenized Equal-Weight Digital Currency Index Fund Outperform the broader market and enhance your crypto portfolio with a smart beta index fund by holding the top 15 digital currencies equally dollar-weighted and re-balanced every 30 days. 100% self-funded, fully developed and ready to go from launch. The IX15 index fund is expressly designed to deliver outperformance against the wider cryptocurrency market with one SIMPLE yet LOW-COST investment, thanks to the fund’s equal weight smart beta strategy. Therefore, investors will no longer need to be concerned with multiple exchange accounts and wallet solutions, or with the time and effort involved in rebalancing a digital currency portfolio on their own. Investors can liquidate their portfolio at any time via the smart contract. Using price data from the past 5.5 years, back-testing shows that IX15 significantly outperformed BTC, CRIX and the S&P in both a bull and bear market.

Token information
Token Name: Isonex
Token Ticker: IX15
Project Platform: = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
Price in IEO = 1 IX15 = 1.10 USD

Venture information
Accepting: ETH, BTC, USD
Hard Cap: 16,350,000 USD
Available for sale: 15,000,000 IX15 (92.78%)

Other information visit the link below :
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