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By Crypto Directories | Hot ICO List | 14 May 2019

Authpaper Delivery combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. All data delivered is confidential except the specified recipients. Operations on the data are properly done and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers are rewarded by delivering the encrypted pieces of digital data and helping to run the platform with good will.

In the era of information technology, technology advancements have changed human lives by a lot. However, document delivery and huge data transfer, especially commercial and important ones, are still following years old methods, physical mailing. Physical mailing takes a lot of time and spends a lot of resources. Current digital delivery solutions are mostly centralized, privacy cannot be guaranteed.

About Authpaper
With a vision of building trust across real and digital world, Authpaper limited has been providing software solutions on e-document anti-forgery based and testing web and mobile applications against common cyberattacks. The core technology inside Authpaper Limited is based on an award-winning research project Authpaper by Solon during his research study. Authpaper Limited also developes blockchain-based solutions for their clients. Recently, an e-document blockchain signing solution is created which allows users to circulate and sign a document, all signatures are certified by solicitors and signing records are stored on blockchain. Authpaper Limited is research oriented company, holding at least one PCT patent already since founding 2 years ago.

Token information

Token Name : Authpaper

Token Ticker = AUPC

Platform : Ethereum

Type : ERC20

Price in ICO = 1 AUPC = 0.001 ETH

Venture information

Minimum investment : 0.1 ETH

Accepting : ETH

Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 41,500,000 USD

Available for sale : 160,000,000 AUPC (40%)

Tokens for sale : 250,000,000

Other information visit the link below :

Website :

Whitepaper :

Ann Thread :

Facebook :

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Telegram :


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