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By Melusine | Hord App | 27 Oct 2022

By Julian SR


Viking DAOA unique platform for early-stage crypto investment. At Viking DAO, investors can buy into pools allocated to 20 different projects bought in private rounds for a significant discount.

A majority of crypto projects raise funds in private and later public rounds. Private rounds are much cheaper than public rounds, and only a few insiders are allowed to participate.

With Viking DAO, you can get exposure to tokens at presale/VC pricing. These tokens are acquired at much lower rates than public presale pricing.

Investing at seed/private pricing is an exclusive opportunity usually reserved for just a few. Viking DAO democratizes the process of early-stage investing and opens this door to the public.

The allocation on each pool will be represented by the Vpool tokens, and these will be tradable on the Hord DEX right away, or redeemable for the underlying assets once all vesting periods are over.

After the Viking DAO mechanism kicks in, token holders can vote on which projects should be included in the pool and when they should be sold.

The Viking DAO V1 runs on the BNB chain and raises funds in BUSD.

Viking DAO Benefits

VC Pricing

The best ROI comes from investing like a VC when the project is young and offers the most attractive pricing. When the tokens launch on the market, you will already be in a favorable position since VCs, and private round investors receive tokens much cheaper than the public sale investors.

One Token, up to twenty deals

Viking DAO allows you to invest in up to 20 different projects at once. You don’t need to struggle for allocations in promising projects. Investing into a single pool allows you to get allocations on up to 20 projects, diversifying risk and safeguarding profitability.

Trade Vested Tokens

The allocation on the pool is represented by the Vpool token, and this can be traded right away using the Hord DEX. This means that users will be able to trade projects that still have a lockup!

How Viking DAO Works

  1. Viking DAO creates a pool with a maximum size of $500,000 BUSD allocated across the selected projects and tokens.
  2. Users can invest between $100 — $5,000 BUSD per wallet.
  3. Viking DAO’s pools funds will be allocated to select and purchase tokens of up to twenty early-stage crypto projects.
  4. Backers receive a pool token representing their investment in the pool, the different projects, and their allocations. The pool token is tradable on Hord DEX or redeemable after all vesting periods are over.

The best investment opportunities are usually reserved for just a small group of insiders. Viking DAO revolutionizes early-stage crypto investments and opens this door to the public.

The selection process will be strict, and only promising, cutting-edge projects will be chosen. In the near future, Hord token holders will be able to vote on projects to be included and their allocation size in the pool.

Hord Token Utility

Hord token is integrated into the Viking DAO ecosystem & will provide unique benefits. Some of the utilities of the HORD token are:

- Buyback and Burn: 1.5% of the revenue from fees accrued in Viking DAO will be used partially for Hord token buy-backs and burns.

- Governance: Hord token holders will have unique governance options, such as voting rights on projects in future Viking DAO pools.

- Staking: Hord’s team will deploy a perpetual staking farm of Hord tokens with periodic events and occasional extra perks for stakers.

- vHORD: vHord, also known as staked Hord, will offer higher participation rewards, lower trading fees on Hord DEX, and better APYs.


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